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Tony Moly Bamboo Cool Water Soothing Gel, Skinfood Egg White Pore Mask
     Happy Tuesday!  Imagine my surprise when I was making a visit to Ulta after work one day, and realized that they had added Skinfood and Tony Moly to their skincare selections in the U.S.! I rewound back and remembered when I bought a cleanser when they had the entire Tony Moly brand at steeply discounted prices a while back, so I thought that some Ulta's were phasing the brand out to make way for a new one. I'm so glad that I was wrong, and that they now have a revamp and an even larger selection of the brand! 

Skinfood and Tony Moly are fairly affordable Korean skincare brands that both have origins in South Korea. I was familiar with Skinfood for their salmon corrector (which you have seen on this blog since the very first post I published back in 2014 - this concealer is truly my holy grail!), so I was excited to delve into their skincare! My experience as of yet with their fares consists of a shea butter lip balm and their Moisture Foam Cleanser. 

Tony Moly Bamboo Cool Water Soothing Gel, Skinfood Egg White Pore Mask
Skinfood Egg White Pore Mask, $10.50, Tony Moly Bamboo Cool Water Soothing Gel, $9.50
As is probably obvious, the packaging is what ultimately won me over with these items!

Tony Moly Bamboo Cool Water Soothing Gel, $9.50Tony Moly Bamboo Cool Water Soothing Gel

     No matter how much I try to hold back, and not let packaging influence my overall decision to purchase and while answering the question in store 'But do I need it?', I realized that no, while I don't need the product in the awesome bamboo stick packaging, I knew that this could be handy as far as a nice cooling, skin relieving gel for the spring and summer months, and may be something different than, but could possibly work in a similar way to, aloe! This is a gel with hydrating properties of bamboo, and one of the key ingredients is 80% natural Damyang bamboo sap, which is rich in amino acids and minerals and lend to the hydrating and soothing properties, along with 99% natural Damyang bamboo water. 😍

     I've used this on my face, and have really been enjoying the cooling effect and the way this product melts into my skin, giving it pretty adequate hydration! This is formulated for sensitive skin, and is for both face and body use.

Skinfood Egg White Pore Mask, $10.50

Skinfood Egg White Pore Mask
     I was in the market for an inexpensive non-drying face mask to help with my pores, and saw this. I know that egg white has many benefits in skincare, including its high-protein component, and I had heard wonderful things about the Skinfood Egg White line of products, so decided to give it a go. I just purchased this, and have yet to use it! I will be sure to update on my experience with it as it happens!

Have you tried anything from these brands? What were your favorite products you tried? Let me know, because I need recommendations on what else is good, and would love to hear your experiences!

💋 xoxo-Cailee

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