Wet 'n' Wild Photo Focus Concealer | A Review

     Happy Sunday! Looks like I've been on a streak as of lately, because this is the second blog post in a row I've done with Wet 'n' Wild products. Dunno why, darling! I've just been using the brand on the regular! Today I am reviewing this lovely little $4 concealer from the brand's more recent skin base product launch, the new Photo Focus foundation and concealer line. The concealer shade I'll be reviewing is 'Light Ivory.' 
Among their Photo Focus Concealers, there are a total of six shades offered in this formula, which is a major improvement when considering the lack of skin-tones and undertones that a lot of other drugstore brands of around these prices can cater to, with such limited shade ranges. One downside to availability of these is that out of all the drugstores I've been to (I travel from town to town quite often, too, for college and work), I notice that there's always space in store displays only for the lightest three or four shades, with the darkest two or three shades being forgotten about entirely. I know that's the decision of companies and what stock they want available, but seriously. If you can make space for most of the foundation shades, why not make all the shades in the concealer range available, too? I'm just not able to make sense of that logic...

On to the review!
Wet 'n' Wild Photo Focus Concealer in 'Light Ivory', swatched (L) and blended (R)

Brand Claims

According to their website, Wet 'n' Wild claims this concealer to give luminous, high-coverage with zero flashback, and states this formula has been tested under 7 different lighting conditions, sans any white cast or glare whatsoever.


The tube is plastic and the applicator is a standard doe foot wand with a typical dip on one side for more product dispersal. For reference. it's similar, but with a significantly smaller tube than Maybelline's Fit Me Concealer, however the Wet 'n' Wild Photo Focus Concealer contains 0.29 oz of product, while the Maybelline Fit Me only contains 0.23 oz. As you can see in the product picture above, the black lettering and font is definitely not all that durable, and it's starting to fade to grey on mine (I've had my tube for a couple months now, but it's always tossed in either my gym bag or purse, so that's understandable). Overall, the packaging is very lightweight and sturdy, and product has never leaked out. So, thumbs up on the packaging! 

Coverage & Formula

This gives me light coverage initially, but it can easily be built up to medium coverage at best. I can cover up some discoloration and light freckles with this, and since this shade pulls a slight yellow undertone on my skintone, it actually does well with covering up redness and minor blemishes as well without giving an ashy look to the area. 

However, as far as larger, more irritated blemishes (rarely do I get them, but whenever I do), I need something with more coverage than this can provide. I honestly can't see this covering sunspots. It's also a bit dry for the under-eye area, but in a pinch, it can work efficiently as an under-eye concealer, as long as the skin is moisturized. The yellow tones in this blend away immediately on me, and are hardly noticeable post-blending.

The formula is average in terms of creaminess, and is fairly lightweight, not liquid-y or runny in the slightest. It's worth mentioning though, that this can easily look heavy and the soft matte finish it sets to can and does emphasize dry skin or wrinkles. This does set, and isn't an emollient or luminous formula in any way. Don't know where Wet 'n' Wild got the 'luminous' claim from.


It doesn't budge once it sets. I find that since I have moderately dry skin in the winter-spring months, I like to blend these drier formulated concealers with a damp blender sponge, and they last the same length of time as if I would've blended with a dry sponge or brush. It's long-wearing and gives a soft matte finish, and is, again, most definitely not a luminous finish as Wet 'n' Wild claims it to be. It's also worth a mention that I never notice it breaking down on the skin until after around the 9-10 hour mark. 

Overall Rating

6.5/10. I really think this concealer is pretty average. I like that it's long-lasting (I never have to reapply or touch up throughout the day), and it doesn't just melt right off my skin. I can count on it to tackle and cover up my minor skin issues, but that's pretty much all it can tackle. I'm not necessarily looking for full coverage, but for those who are, this just can't cut glass like other concealers can (some of which are around this price point as well). I find, however, that there's a major difference in what the brand marketed this concealer to be, and what it actually turned out to be (they claim high coverage and luminous, of which it is neither). I think the claims are quite misleading, although I do like this for my purposes. It's cheap, it's functional, and it's long-wearing. I just need a less-drying formula, so that's why I had to dock points.

I did test this out with flash camera settings once, and I indeed didn't notice flashback or white cast. So, kudos to Wet 'n' Wild for formulating this concealer to handle those settings and still look natural. I take my pictures in natural outdoor lighting anyway (no ring-light in this girl's life just yet, nor do I go clubbing), so those aspects of the claims are a bit superfluous to me, but nonetheless useful for others, I'm sure!

Have you tried this concealer or the foundation in this line? Let me know what you thought of them! 



  1. I haven't tried any Wet n Wild concealers but they've been on a roll lately with releasing really hyped-up products! I have a dry undereye so I might pass on this, I prefer a luminous finish :)


  2. Hi Katie! I agree on preferring some kind of luminosity to the undereye area; anything less than emollient, and my undereyes will be looking like 60-yr old pudding! :)


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