Evening Pastel Eye Makeup

     Hi all!  I haven't the slightest clue what is up with me and bright colors lately, but I've certainly been wearing the heck out of them! Well, this look is more of a pastel mint smokey eye with some purple and black in the crease. So, not quite bright, I suppose. As you will see, the focal point here is the eyes, so I didn't try to work a little longer to try out a 'beat face' to go along with the eyes. The sun was setting and I wanted to get good natural lighting from my balcony window before dark. I also don't think I could create a 'beat face' just yet without looking like a clown. So, everything else is toned down and minimal. A nude lip with a touch of blush. I saw a few things about this look right off the bat that I would've done a lot differently, but I think it looks pretty good, with it being my first time trying it out. 

     Like my previous posts, this is just going to be a breakdown of the products used, and I'll be going into more detail about what was used on the eyes rather than my base skin face products. Oh, and I also wanted to mention: This is not one of the Sephora Pantone Elemental Energy palette looks that was promised. I will be getting those up soon! I did incorporate one of the shadows from that palette into this look, but it was just to layer over the mint shade (the shade called 'Murmur' from the Air quad, to be exact), so definitely not worthy enough to have 'Pantone Look' title in the post.


Itty Bitty Haul (Sephora and TheBalm)

       Hi everyone!  Hope you're having a great day! So, the products in this post are actually the only non-drugstore acquisitions I have made within the past few months. I wanted to get this posted while the Sephora palette is still available to purchase on their website. The Sephora Pantone products just arrived in the mail today (about an hour ago, if we're getting exact here 😋), but the other items were purchased at an earlier date.



     Hi everyone!  I decided to recreate this look today after being inspired from a few purple smokey eye techniques I've come across in the past. I adjusted the techniques and shapes to my own eye shape, as I have quite hooded eyelids, and also incorporated a touch of glitter to give it more of an edge. I thought that it would be the perfect compliment to this frigid, chilly weather in the northern U.S. where I live. I can honestly say that I've never wanted so badly to sit out in 90 degree weather and just roast in the sun (ok, maybe a bit of an exaggeration) in a bathing suit by the pool. Ah, summertime...

     Nonetheless, with this look, in my head I was going for more of a monochromatic result than what it actually turned out to be. I was going for a more defined lip that was more of an apparent purple, but I still like the way it turned out. This post is just going to be a product breakdown for the eyes and lips, and I'll lightly touch on the actual color products (not necessarily the base and skintone products) that were used for the skin. Alright, let's go!


| FOTD: Signature Red Lip |

     Hello everyone! Hope you all are having a fantastic day! I figured that I would start everything off on here with a Face of the Day (more commonly known as FOTD's, so not necessarily a tutorial; however if anyone would like to see one, I plan on starting the other venue of uploading videos very soon! But for now, a tutorial for this would more than likely be uploaded as a pictorial, if requested). 😊

       So, the red lip has been probably the most loved and most feared aspect of makeup throughout the evolution of the art to this day. It seems to be the one color that just loves to feather and bleed the most, not to mention attach itself to our pearly whites just when we're about to take a picture, am I right? Now, I think I have found my perfect combination of products for a red lip! 

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