Celebrity Inspired Everyday Makeup: Kendall Jenner

     Hello everyone!  I was perusing my Pinterest makeup inspiration boards today, and saw this beautiful picture of Kendall Jenner's makeup. Her bronzed skin is flawless, eyes kept neutral, lightly defined and brightened, flushed cheeks, a soft highlight, and her whole look is topped off with a blotted matte coral-y red lip. So, I'm coming at ya today with this celebrity inspired look (recreating the look in a way that I myself would wear it, and adapt it to my skintone and features, as a she-glows-in-the-dark-she's-so-pale Irish girl). Here we go!
Image of Kendall from Google Images


REVIEW: Wet 'n' Wild Summer 2014 Color Icon Bronzer & Blush Collection

       Hey ladies and gents!  I wanted to get my in-depth review posted of these beautiful limited edition Wet 'n' Wild Color Icon Bronzer/Blushes while they are still available in many locations. These are part of the All Access Beauty collection, and my local area is usually one of the last to get these new limited edition collections in, or so it seems. Needless to say, I was really surprised to see this collection in my Fred Meyer Kroger a couple of weeks back, and I hadn't even known these products existed beforehand.


'Fantastic Five' Series: Top 5 Taupe Eyeshadows

     Hi guys and gals! Hope you're all having a great weekend!  I'm beginning my very first series on this blog, that I must say, I am quite excited about. In this 'Fantastic Five' series, I will be showcasing my top five products under different product categories, and I thought I would kick-start the series today with my personal top five favorite taupe eyeshadows.  I'm a girl who loves her brights, but I love neutrals just as much, and taupes, to me, are far from boring. They can have so many different undertones (purple, bronze, blue, silver, and sometimes even green) and varying effects on the eyes.

     To me, the color taupe in general has such splendor, and is appropriate to wear for practically anything. I must say, it was a difficult task to pare it down to just five. I had a total of seven I really liked and wanted to include, but these ended up making the final cut. Now, let's begin, yes? 
L-R: Fyrinnae Work Safe Blue, TheBalm Just This Once Jamie, NYX Taupe Pearl, L'Oreal Infallible in Bronzed Taupe, LORAC Pewter


Things I Bought: ULTA & Milani Cosmetics

       Hey everyone!  In my neck of the woods, life has been pretty crazy as of lately, and my schedule for my blog posts has been pushed back, as I'm in the midst of packing up and moving (the news for this, which is actually good news, came to me out of nowhere). Therefore, due to inadequate lighting and settings, I haven't had the opportunity to take any pictures, and am now working with what pictures were already uploaded onto my computer, before the moving began. Alright, I think I've blabbed enough, yes? You already know what this post is all about! Now let's get on to the pretties!


Spotted! Wet 'n' Wild Summer 2014 Limited Edition All Access Beauty Color Icon Bronzer & Blush Collection

       Hello all!  I have some new...yes, brand spanking new... Wet 'n' Wild beauties to show you today! I, of course, just had  to peruse the makeup aisle during my grocery shopping rendezvous yesterday at Fred Meyer (Kroger). And I found these new summer tropics-inspired Wet 'n' Wild Color Icon blush/bronzer duos in a special display! There was also an All Access Beauty nail polish display on the same shelf, but I didn't pick any of those up, as I'm not really a nail polish or nail care fan at any rate.


REVIEW: Pacifica Alight Multi-Mineral BB Cream

       Hey everyone!  So, let me start off by saying that I have never been much of an experimenter of BB creams, high end or low end, Western or Eastern (which, to my understanding, there is a vast  difference between the two, yes?). They've been getting all the rage within the last couple years, and now we've even got this CC cream phenomenon, and at the rate this is going, well I'll be darned if by 2018 there won't be WW creams!!

       I can see it now in a satirical magazine article: 'Very first WW cream released in Korea! This might just be the very first range of beauty products where the utilization of a direct alphabetical pattern in their development of essentially the same exact product has drained people's bank accounts worse than all those late night Chipotle runs and premium cable packages! Studies now with even more advanced technology here in 2018 show that, really, none of these alphabetical creams are that different from one another.' Reading audience gasps out loud
Pacifica Alight Multi-Mineral BB Cream

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