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All opinions are my own, and something I hold a firm belief in is that positive reviews can not, should not, and will not, be purchased, at least not on any blog or social media account of mine. I'm completely open to doing sponsored posts and reviews, but not if I am going to be asked to be anything other than 100% honest about my experience with the product sent to me. I try to make it a point to express in my product reviews who the product may benefit (if I think it's applicable), and if it turns out that I can't think of anyone I could recommend the product to, I state as such. I am tactful and very in-depth in my reviews, even if the product didn't work for me, and sponsored reviews will be no different.

This blog does not contain any content which might present a conflict of interest.

PR Contact

If you are a brand, company or publisher that is interested in sending me a product or book to try out/test or read, for feedback or reviewing purposes, I'll just say a big thank you both for checking out my blog, and for the thoughtfulness in liking to hear my thoughts! I'm one tiny person in a sea of many, so it's always cool to see when someone sends me an email and says they enjoy my blog! Haha I can't get over it - people actually read it? I am planning on reviewing all products and/or books sent to me, whether a review is expected or not, as my collections (beauty and books) aren't too out of control just yet, and I get the chance to treasure everything I have. You can send me an email for any of these PR inquiries at: barcelonista1221@gmail.com


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