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     So you're wondering what my point of having a beauty and book blog even is? My overall mission is to enhance the concept that less can be more! Along with healthy decisions, good food, and fitness, and an overall natural, worldly and evolving lifestyle where I'm always meeting new people and learning more about them and different places and cultures I visit, while experiencing what the world has to offer (all of which are things I strive to incorporate on here and live out at some point after college), until this blog gets to that point, my main goal on the beauty side of the blog is to inspire my readers to be educated and try not give in to the crazy hype surrounding all the products and collections coming out day after day. I'm trying to evolve into a blog that one day soon purchases and reviews cruelty-free only

     I wanted to bring the literature elements to the blog as well because it's just too big a part of my life to ignore on here! I value all the works of literature I own (be it historical, non-fiction, fiction, biographies, and more) as much, if not much more, than my entire curation of beauty products! If you're a fellow self-confessed biblio-maniac and want to see book TBR's, book progress updates, recommendations and reviews, as well as beauty madness all on one site (this conglomeration of topics actually contribute to why my favorite blogs to read are my favorites!), then I hope you enjoy your stay here!

"With a healthy dose of humor and a bit of scatter-brained wafflings for breakfast, all things are possible each day!" - Me


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