Karrueche X Colourpop Fem Rosa 'SHE' Eyeshadow Palette (Teatime! + First Impressions Video)

Hello! Betcha didn't know I actually had a YouTube channel! Hey, I didn't either! Because yep, it still sucks. ðŸ˜ I don't put much time or effort into it, at the moment, to be honest - at least, not even a marginal amount, compared to the amount of time I put into my blog (and life has been a bit hectic, so video quality suffers as a result - I just wanted to get it posted quickly, so please forgive the choppiness and low-res. It was done on my Chromebook Screencastify app, so of course it's going to be muy mal. ðŸ˜‚ I'm still trying to decide whether I'll even have time to commit to even having a better quality YouTube channel, so bear with me in the meantime).

This Colourpop X Karrueche Fem Rosa "She" Eyeshadow Palette is something I've been wanting to talk about since I first received this gorgeous baby full of 12 metallic and matte warm shades in the post last week! Here I go more in depth on the formula, pigmentation, color selection, and my initial thoughts! I'm pretty much spilling the tea on this palette - the good, the not-so-good, and everything in between! Swatches of this palette will be uploaded soon!




Currently Reading: The Adventures and Memoirs of Sherlock Holmes by Arthur Conan Doyle

     - Dialogue from Sherlock, BBC, Season 1, Episode 1: 'A Study in Pink'
     John Watson to Sherlock Holmes: "Who are you?"
     Sherlock Holmes: "I'm a consulting detective."
     John Watson: "What does that mean?"
     Sherlock: "It means when the police are out of their depth - which is always - they consult me." (one of my favorite bits of the conversation where Mr. Holmes for all intents and purposes takes a smart-ass dig at London law enforcement ðŸ˜)

     As the time is approaching where I will inevitably be in the mindset where I want to read things other than Sherlock Holmes, for the moment, I'm definitely on a Sherlock kick. I'm currently reading Modern Library Classics The Adventures and Memoirs, as well as the Sherlock Holmes-Mary Russell spinoff series by Laurie R. King, and don't have any intention of slowing down on the great detective and master of wit anytime soon! (And, please forgive this picture lol, it's the only one I've taken of the book, and it was during a Panera breakfast time ages ago...been a while since I've had it, now that I think about it 😊). 

Thus Far . . .

     This is a very fine collection, and the stories of Sherlock Holmes have been so very cherished throughout the 20th and 21st centuries for good reason, I now realize. They will continue to be as such. I like to read these short stories on my short breaks in between classes at uni, as well as just before I go to bed. I've put the entertainment and excitement of 5 cases in this novel behind me so far, and am now on page 122 and am reading The Adventure of the Man with the Twisted Lip - and the thing I'm left wishing at the conclusion of each case, is only that these stories were longer than 25-30 pages! I'm nowhere near complaining, though, because Sir Arthur Conan Doyle was an absolute master at brevity, and the cases are fleshed out enough and are quick-witted and incredibly detailed (I just like reading a lot). We are able to see the human side of Sherlock, along with the impact of the help of his comrade and former army doctor John Watson, as well as the mysteries and grisly work they do in their travels. 

How I'm Reading These Cases . . .

Needless to say, I'm a linear reader, and I don't like to jump around in novels I'm reading, regardless of whether or not they're short stories. In the case of the Sherlock Holmes Adventures, these cases are developmental, and indicate progress in the friendship and camaraderie between Sherlock and Watson, and skipping around stories would probably be rather a disservice to the reader, in my humble opinion. The prolific sarcasm and deductive reasoning never gets stale, and is only part of why Doyle's works are known as overt classics recognized under the genius breed. 

These are stories that I along with many other classics readers treasure greatly, and I've read one of these cases in the past as a kid, however I wish I was introduced to more of them sooner - nonetheless, they resonate at any age, and the way these characters think begins to rub off on the reader as time goes on, whether the reader may realize it or not. I'm so glad to have these stories in my possession now, as I began watching the BBC show around the same time I started reading the Sherlock-Mary Russell series, but long before I ever got back into reading the wonderful originals.

I'll update you as my journeys from reading these mysteries begin to accrue! Have a wonderful Sunday!


Clinique Pops of Happy Lip Glaze & Perfume Coffret | First Impressions + Weekend Chicago Trip Ramblings!

Clinique Pops of Happy Lip Pop Glaze Lip Colour & Perfume Coffret

     Hello again!! 😁💛Wow, I'm soooo incredibly happy to be back on the bloggie! Phew, long hiatus there, right? So, *awkwardly clears throat* aaaaaand - begin riff: Uh - It's been a long time...I shouldn'ta left you - without a dope beat to step to.....step to - step to - uhhuh - step to.... boom. Ok...I'll stop embarrassing myself now. 😄😝I could've left you with a travel blog post, or something a bit more interesting than a measly book review, damn. Well, let me stop there....because I just recently took a short weekend trip to Chicago for some discoveries and urban dwelling and inspiration (and possibly a new beginning soon!) so there will be an entire account of my wanderings in the heart of that city! The photos are being curated, and will be up on my blog soon!


Book Review | A Monstrous Regiment of Women by Laurie R. King: Vol. 2 of the Sherlock Holmes-Mary Russell Series

Yes, another book review! It's in the cards for me to delve into this review of A Monstrous Regiment of Women, the second installment in the Sherlock Holmes-Mary Russell series of case and adventure-laden novels, brought to life on ink and pages by none other than Laurie R. King! I know some of you will feel a bit of second-hand embarrassment, but I'll say it anyway: I'm actually listening to the Sherlock BBC theme whilst typing up this draft. So, don't judge me! ðŸ˜„

In this second installment, Sherlock Holmes takes a backseat, and Mary Russell takes the reins, so to speak. Let the review commence!
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