BH Cosmetics Huge 35% Off After-Christmas Site Wide Sale!

Good day to you all! For all the artists and enthusiasts alike out there who prefer and shop  for Leaping Bunny approved cruelty-free brands only, I just wanted to make a quick PSA that BH Cosmetics is having a site-wide after-Christmas sale off many of their products! 

You can find more info on their site here, and the sale ends on December 28th. Some items are excluded from the coupon code, including the Carli Bybel Palette and other products. Please everyone note that I am not sponsored or affiliated with BH Cosmetics in any way, although I must say I did participate in the sale myself and I ordered a few things. I've actually never tried anything from the brand, and I haven't shopped online at all this year, so you could say this was rather a big moment for me. 😄

I'll feature my purchases and first impressions in an upcoming post, if you like! My final selections after scouring reviews consisted of a makeup brush set and some eyeshadows, so fingers crossed that they'll be of good quality!


Comprehensive Gift-Giving Guide: Premium Skincare Gift Sets with the Best Values!

Hello! As Christmas is less than a day away, are you still putting it all in at the very last possible moment as far as holiday shopping?  Premium-brand skincare is quite an investment to make for anyone, and this comprehensive guide is for all the skincare savants in your friends and family you still haven't crossed off that list yet. If this person you're buying for is all about luxury skincare, this post will only showcase mid-tier brands, not luxury brands, per se. So if that is the case, you'd be better off looking elsewhere!

But if you're here for a value resource, no frets, I have you covered! All skincare sets I found are under $75, and I also took product size portions in each set as a factor, the ounces in the travel sizes compared to the full sizes, the variety of functionality of the products included, etc. Skincare is something that's inevitably used up fairly quickly, and let's be real, someone doesn't really know if they like a product or if it works for them in the long term if there's only enough in a mini travel size worth only about five uses, which equals about a week or two of use, right? I took that into account when doing my scouring through websites. By the way, this is not a sponsored post.

If you are wondering what to get, and what the best value skincare gift sets are from the top premium brands this holiday, stay tuned! 


Lip Gloss is Poppin': An Affordable Holiday Red Gloss!

Wet 'n' Wild Megaslicks Gloss in Red Sensation Review
Wet 'n' Wild Megaslicks Gloss in Red Sensation Review


What Do I Do When I'm Not Blogging?

The Usual Setup of a Blogger, Eh, Sans the Camera 

Pixabay Image
What I Usually Have in Front of Me When Blogging; my current version of this setup is for the birds, so this image will have to do 😅
free stock image courtesy of Pixabay
Hey guys! Wow, upon realizing that I'm pretty close to hitting the 3-year benchmark with this blog (which is an amazement that I've kept with it this long, at any rate), I decided it was a good time to publish a post like this! I never thought to make a post about myself, because, eh....I don't like to talk about myself much, to be honest. But I finally figured that this may be a good time to tell my awesome long-term readers of this blog just a bit more about me, and what some hobbies of mine are when I'm not on the bloggie, if there's even a single soul who wants to know, that is. 😉

A Bookly Wednesday: The Children's Book by A.S. Byatt | Thoughts & Update #1

How innocent it looks......

     Le sigh of 'oh shit.' This seemingly moderately-sized tome is finally beginning to reduce my thoughts to pinings of the disappearance of that figurative brick wall that seems to appear in front of me and block me with every five pages of this book that pass. While I'm not going to throw in the towel on this, pack it away and move on to another read just yet, allow me to just reiterate from my first post of this novel, the sheer number of developed characters that are contained within this book. The families are all of the same timeline, same narrative, they are all acquainted with one another, and are constantly appearing and developing with each page.

Oh, don't know where I'm going with this? Just take a look at all these characters...

It cut off the bottom of the page, but oh, if only that was all......


Nude Lip Review: NYX Lingerie Matte Liquid Lipstick in 'Bedtime Flirt'

NYX Lip Lingerie Liquid Lipstick in 'Bedtime Flirt'
NYX Lip Lingerie Liquid Lipstick in 'Bedtime Flirt'
     Hello to all of my lovely readers! Hope everyone is getting along with the holiday season thus far! 😊 So, this year when I ventured into trying two of these NYX Lingerie line of quick-drying matte liquid lipsticks not long after their release, I was initially overall impressed with the two shades I purchased! However, I think that my immediate liking of them may have escalated as soon as I had been sorely disappointed with their Liquid Suede liquid lipsticks prior to trying these, and upon comparing the two formulas, due to ill logic on my part, I decided rather too quickly that, since these Lingerie liquid lipsticks were a tad bit longer lasting, I made the immediate, albeit very wrong, mental decision that I liked them. Now? I'm finding that I just don't enjoy wearing them...at all. At least, not this particular shade in 'Bedtime Flirt.' 


New Skincare and Makeup Acquisitions!


     Hey, what's that tattered piece of fabric I see being whisked away in the horizon?  Oh, it's just my wallet floating away. Well, to be fair, what is going to be discussed in this post are close to being the only beauty products I've purchased in the past six months or so, and for me, it's the inevitable time of the year where I'm reminded that my birthday is approaching, so I suppose I have a bit of an excuse. However, that is to be determined. 😅

Alright my lovely beauties! It has been a hot minute since I've acquired a couple of these products: There are two high-end makeup items I'll be showing, which were indeed purchased much earlier than the drugstore items. I've changed jobs since, for college, so my current budget is at legitimate shoestring status. What's more, most of the skincare and makeup items were purchased at a rather steeply discounted price! Huzzah for bargains!


Clearance Sighting: Real Techniques & EcoTools Brush Sets! (Walgreens Clearance Only!)

     For the holiday season, does your spending mantra follow the idea to keep your holiday gifting wallet a little heavier than it would be otherwise? Seriously, who doesn't love a sale? If you're looking to purchase some drugstore makeup brush sets for the fam bam's holiday stocking this season (or for yourself!), then please, everyone just hear me out on this awesome PSA: just pass on Ulta for just a minute and head on over to Walgreens to check out their ridiculously discounted $8.99 Real Techniques brush sets and certain EcoTools discount offerings! We'll all be blending and shall detail to the heavens with this deal! Well, I can't think of a better time, because they're half off! Say whaaaa? Here's what I have found so far, and store location deals depend fully upon their offerings of certain brushes and accessories from store to store:

Real Techniques Core Collection: $8.99
Real Techniques Eye Starter Set: $8.99
EcoTools Mini Essentials 3-Piece Set: $3.29

Dolls, that's all I wanted to pop in to say today! I only looked in a few different Walgreen's locations, and found all three to be uniform in their last chance prices of the RT brush sets!

Hope you all have a lovely weekend!

💋 xoxo-Cailee

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