Nail of the Day: Revlon Nail Enamel in 'Wildflower'

NOTD: Revlon Nail Enamel in 'Wildflower'

     I had to jump on here quickly to show one tiny way I've been embracing the soon-coming closure of summer. Bright pink nails!  It's a rare occurrence that I wear anything on my nails, to be quite honest. I can just never find the time, and, much like how I feel about jewelry, I look at the constant maintaining of well-manicured nails in my case as, firstly, hard to obtain, and secondly, rather superfluous for me, personally. Eeek now awaiting for the pitchforks... 😅

This bright pink beauty from Revlon is from their original formulation of nail polishes, which I've never found to be the longest lasting line of nail polish in the drugstore at any rate, however as long as I get at least a full day of wear out of a nail polish, I'm a happy camper. And with prior times of wearing this color, I have actually gotten a couple days out of it with a top coat before the chipping became noticeable. So, not really high maintenance where that's concerned. It's quite a lovely color, and this is just two thin coats, so it is nicely opaque. Wildflower is a glossy, creamy bright mid-toned cool pink that I like to wear because I know for a fact I could never pull off a bubblegum pink color like this on my lips. In these pics, I am not wearing any top coat. The base coat I used is Orly Ridgefiller.

Ladies, let me know! What's on your nails at the moment? 



Goodbye, Old Makeup! The Declutter of 2015

Hello ladies and germs! 😄 Well, this post was brought to fruition much sooner than I had originally anticipated. After scrubbing my insufferable catastrophe of an apartment from top to bottom yesterday (so happy to be moving soon), I figured it would be the perfect time to also throw some things away that had started to become a thorn in my side. It's not an epic amount of makeup or anything, but it's enough for me to be quite embarrassed at the thought that I actually ended up wasting hard-earned $$$ on these things. So now, I bring you an all-encompassing post of......my trash!


Fall Vibes 2015: Smokey Emerald Eyes & Deep Mauve Lips

     For this upcoming fall season, there are a multitude of application techniques, colors, and overall experimentation with hair and and makeup that I would like to dip my toes into, and work with a lot more very soon. This morning, I happened to pull out my powder pigments with the idea of soon gathering more products together and compiling a couple of decluttering posts. I want to include pigments, despite already having quite a small range of them to begin with, because I'm moving very soon, and there are some things I have in my apartment that I know I just can't be bothered with keeping, so am taking small steps in that direction by cleaning out a few things where beauty products are concerned. As far as that, I digress....it will be a future post. 😄

Back to pigments, yes? As I was perusing an indie brand of shadow pigments that I have not touched in a long time, brand in question being none other than Fyrinnae, my eyes zeroed in on this forest-emerald green pigment sample, and thought it would be an absolutely perfect shade to steal the spotlight in the fall smokey eye look I did today. Feast your eyes upon Fyrinnae 'Dressed To Kill' eyeshadow! (Product breakdown will be at the end of the post)

Smokey Emerald Eyes & Deep Mauve Lips
Smokey Emerald Eyes & Deep Mauve Lips


Vibrant Violet | 'Mardi Gras' Inspired Makeup

Vibrant Violet 'Mardi Gras' Inspired Makeup

     Good day, everyone!  This is the point where I'm trying to cram some summer tutorials/looks in at the tail-end of the season, before the fall season makes its presence official! The makeup look being featured in this post is a predominantly pink and violet-toned Mardi Gras inspired look that I just sort of winged, and while I'm not all that ecstatic about the end result of this first test run with it, I had a blast creating it! I am wanting to post a tutorial for this look on my YouTube channel, but first wanted to post it as a non-pictorial on my blog to get an idea if a video tutorial would be something you all would like to see!

     I will still do a breakdown in this post of not just the products that were used, but of the placement as well. Yeah.... the lines and overall shape of the eye makeup are a tad bit sloppy and uneven, and my asymmetrical eyes don't really help the cause. 😊 Nonetheless, I decided I want to document as I learn the art, and I am still in the beginning stages, and in the end, it's only makeup, and it's supposed to be fun! Although I know I'll tweak some things with it if I do  make a tutorial.

Vibrant Violet 'Mardi Gras' Inspired Makeup


Making a Dent in My Summer Reading List....

     A bit of an off-topic post here (haha forgive me 😜), but literature is indeed another passion of mine, and is just as close to my heart, so it's inevitable that I'll be including bits and bobs here on this blog of books I've read, books I'm currently reading, or books I've even just perused. As much of a hectic summer it's been, a reading list just had to be placed somewhere on the schedule. I chose a few classic novels for this season, two of them I have started, which are Wuthering Heights by Emily Bronte, and Pride and Prejudice by Jane Austen. I also chose a biography on the Russian imperial family, which was a pretty random choice, but I must say I'm really enjoying it! These are going to be quite brief, watered-down comments on each book, as I haven't finished any of them yet. I don't know if writing future book reviews will really be my forte, but I will certainly try my hand at it, and, upon receiving feedback, ultimately see if it helps anyone!


Tutorial: Nighttime Smokey Eyes Using UD Naked 2 Palette

A Pictorial: Nighttime Smokey Eyes | UD Naked 2

     Hello there!  It has been almost a month since I last uploaded a makeup look of any sort (boo-hiss, hehe just kidding 😉), and I wanted to upload a post showing the eye makeup I wore today, and figured, why not make it a pictorial? So, I have to say that the eyes are quite dramatic for me, and I had to tone it down for daytime with a soft mauve lip and light pink cheeks, because I had Saturday morning errands to run, and.... well, my eyeballs still looked as though they were about to pop out of my skull in natural light, with this 'sandwich' method of eyeshadow placement. I unfortunately could not capture the true contrast of the shadows very accurately in these photos, as it has a much higher contrast in real life. All eyeshadows used for this look are from the Urban Decay NAKED 2 Palette.


New Beauties from Coastal Scents! | Palettes & Brushes

     Back in 2009 was the year I was introduced to the "makeup utility" brand Coastal Scents. I heard all these accounts from seemingly everyone, their mother, and their mother's brother, about how economical of a brand it was (and still is!) for freelance makeup artists and makeup enthusiasts alike. At the time, I was still an enthusiast and hobbyist who just wanted some affordable, decent quality color palettes to play with, to possibly hone my skills with in the future, and yep, times have changed since then! :) In the recent years, the brand has exploded in popularity.
Coastal Scents
Coastal Scents Elite Eye Brushes
Coastal Scents Blush Too Palette

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