A Cordial Affair: Dramatic Fall Makeup w/ Too Faced Chocolate Bar Palette

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     Back to bloggin' I go! Yes, I didn't realize how out of practice I became with my makeup skills, and here's where I have to be honest and come clean: I have not been wearing makeup for months. Well, my daily routine has been involving a bit of makeup, but the most I've been using daily hasn't been any more than a light touch of concealer and maybe a coat of mascara.

Now that autumn is approaching as ever as the winds are quickening (lol where that came from, I have no idea), I just thought I would vampen it up a bit when I got home from class today. I popped out the palette that seems to be on every 'Ride or Die Products' tag that I've seen so far: feast your eyes (for the millionth time, I can imagine lol), on the ever-beloved Chocolate Bar......(ahem, by Too Faced, just in case you don't know of it for some unthinkable reason 😊)
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