Fiesta Eyes: Teal & Purple

      Hello beauts!  Alright, so I'm singing the end-of-summer blues, and just simply couldn't bear the season transition so quickly, so here I am with a summery pastel daytime-wearable eye: a minted teal on the lid blended just below the crease, and a slightly punchy pinky-purple concoction of color in the upper crease blended just below the browbone. This is a much more toned-down, less electric, inspired take on the beautiful ChrissyAi's Fairy Floss Makeup. Check her out if you haven't! I just recently discovered her myself. 

Might I also add that about 90% of the shadows used for this look are from Coastal Scents. So if you want to replicate this, you can dust off your old Coastal Scents palettes off too, if you have 'em! 


'Fantastic Five' Series: Top 5 Lip Balms/Treatments

     Hello, good day, bonjour!  This post is all about my top lip balm picks, and I know a bit of time has passed for this follow-up post since the first post I wrote for my first blog series, 'Fantastic Five'. In this series, I will be showcasing my top 5 products in any category. Well, here's post #2 in the series! Lip balm isn't exactly a superfluous makeup product like other types of products, so, naturally, I'm always trying new ones, therefore it was difficult for me to choose only five.


Clearance Finds, Baby!

     Good day to you all!  Well, I must say, it is a rare occasion that I get suckered into clearance beauty buys, with me being the healthily cautious person that I am. Just being real here, because in so many cases, those products are just sitting there on the shelf with molested safety seals and peeled plastic labels with a clearance sticker barely hanging off the side, yet holding on for dear life in the mere hope that someone may come along...and, I just can't...in most instances.

     However, I know for a fact that none of my local Targets have carried NYX until just recently, probably within the last few months. So, when I saw an entire display right in front of the pharmacy, of exclusively  NYX Butter Glossesand  that half of the shades were already on clearance (only a dollar and some change off of the regular $4.99 price, down to $3.87 each or something close to that, but I digress), let me tell you, I couldn't snatch them up fast enough, because I realized at that very fateful moment that I didn't have a single red or bright violet gloss in my existing collection.

     It's been a long time that I've been meaning to try Sephora's Formula X nail polishes, and when I stopped in my local Sephora and saw that some of the Xplosive Top Coats and Electrics were in the sale section, I may have squeaked a little. Those are further down in the post. 

NYX Butter Glosses

(L-R): Devil's Food Cake, Raspberry Tart, Red Velvet
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