'Fantastic Five' Series: Top 5 Lip Balms/Treatments

     Hello, good day, bonjour!  This post is all about my top lip balm picks, and I know a bit of time has passed for this follow-up post since the first post I wrote for my first blog series, 'Fantastic Five'. In this series, I will be showcasing my top 5 products in any category. Well, here's post #2 in the series! Lip balm isn't exactly a superfluous makeup product like other types of products, so, naturally, I'm always trying new ones, therefore it was difficult for me to choose only five.
     These inevitably made the final cut, and if you're familiar with any of these products pictured above, you may have noticed that I don't particularly like my lip treatments or balms tinted in any way; no frills for this girl. Colorless 'n' crystal clear is the way to go for me when it comes to balms. In my experience with tinted lip balms in the past (and I've tried a fair few, from Palladio, Sleek, and Revlon, to name a couple), none of them had exceptional, or even sub-par, hydrating, soothing, or moisturizing properties. Maybelline Baby Lips are, by far, the best tinted balms I've found for the price, and one of them just so happens to be featured in my top 5. 

Ready for their close-ups!
Burt's Bees Beeswax Lip Balm with Vitamin E & Peppermint, $2.99

     After using this for years, I've come to the conclusion that I just can't live without it. This is the ONLY lip balm I have found that keeps chapped, dry, windburnt lips at bay, and relieves them if they are, and my lips in particular are extremely picky about what products go on them. I like the waxiness in the formula, although I do wish it was just a bit more moisturizing. I sometimes use this underneath more hydrating lip balms when wearing lipsticks or glosses, because I find that since this gives the lips a completely matte finish, it's not the greatest base for other lip products. Very refreshing and strong cooling sensation on the lips, so it's perfect for me on hot summer days. In the winter, it can be a little too  cool, and can be a bit overwhelming, but I still use it year-round. 

Smith's Rosebud Minted Rose Lip Balm, $7, Sephora

     A tin of this amazing stuff lasts forever. Not to mention, it's like the Promise Land of all lip balms. I purchased my second one a couple months ago, and with daily use, as you can see, I've only made a small dent in it. My first one lasted at least a couple of years, I'm sure. Some people utilize these salve-type products for things such as eczema and cuticle care, but I've only used mine strictly as a lip balm, for my weird hygienic reasons. Though it's essentially petroleum jelly, it's nothing like Vaseline; this is so much smoother of a formula. It's a very hydrating lip balm, and the minted rose scent is perfect. Might I also add that only the tiniest pinhead-sized amount is needed per application. It has the slightest rosy tint, but on my medium-pigmented lips, it just shows up clear. Gives the lips a nice shine, not greasy in the slightest (although it will be if you apply too much!) and makes my chronically dry lips look and feel super soft.

Evolution of Smooth Visibly Soft Lip Balm Sphere in 'Vanilla Mint,' $2.99

     This is my most recent lip balm purchase, and I won't be the first to admit I purchased something just because the packaging was so stinkin' precious. Looking at this, I simply couldn't pass it up. I believe this is a new product from EOS, because I've never seen their balms in this particular swirl/stripe packaging design before. Generally, in the past I haven't found much luck with EOS lip products, but this one in Vanilla Mint, I must say, actually really delivers. I used to be obsessed with the Chapstick brand Vanilla Mint lip balm, but it only came out around the holiday season, and this one is much more of an authentic vanilla mint ice cream scent, and it's also much less plasticy of a scent than Chapstick's version.

     The reason I didn't like these EOS balms in the past is because small, abrasive bumps would always form on the surface of the product, and it would become quite uncomfortable to apply. They were also a bit too dry for my liking, and wore off the lips very quickly. But I've been pleasantly surprised that this one, thus far, does not have any of those properties, and is a much creamier formula. It makes my lips feel supple and smooth, and although the hydrating properties aren't quite there, I can definitely say I've been enjoying this one as a light lip balm. I will enjoy it into the fall season, but I will need to use something a lot more heavy duty in the winter time, as I'm not sure this is going to cut it.

Maybelline Baby Lips in '105 Blush Burst,' LE, from the PINK'ED collection

     Yet another winner from Maybelline's Baby Lips lineup! I just wish this one was permanent, because I'm in love with the light, sweet, and creamy lemon cookie scent (and I detect a hint of raspberry in there too; an unusual combo, but it's very pleasant). According to what I've seen of swatches of this collection online, this one in 'Blush Burst' is, to my knowledge, the only one of the bunch that is completely colorless. The rest of them have a tint of color in swatch, and on the lips. No tint with this one, which is what I prefer. All of the Baby Lips lip balms I've tried are moisture-rich and incredibly hydrating, and some can lean just a tad bit oily-looking on the lips. Again, just be careful before you slather the stuff on, because you may not need to. This one gives the lips a nice dose of shine, and it lingers on the lips for quite a while. Major plus for longevity.

 e.l.f. Studio Lip Exfoliator, $3, eyeslipsface.com and  now available at Target!

     Alright, this e.l.f Lip Exfoliator is the product that let me know of my makeup affair with matte lippies. I was never able to successfully wear a matte lip before I tried this little lip scrub, because let's just be real here, my lips were just not  in that kind of shape, honey. My tube of this looks waaaay more jacked up now than it does in the picture, which was taken when I first purchased it and featured it in a haul.

     I use this twice a week at night, right before I apply my Rosebud Salve and turn in for the night. I battle those 'winter-bitten lips' all year round; they split and crack very easily, and they get parched like the Sahara desert if I'm not constantly vigorously rubbing Burt's Bees on them. One swipe of this, twice a week, and it does the job perfectly. Smooth, flake-free lips. I was shocked that the exfoliating beads bite back; they're indeed very gritty and abrasive. I've heard of other exfoliators in a stick form that proved pretty much ineffective because the beads were too small and sparse. Honey, you'll get the results with this. Plus, the brown sugar scent is absolutely intoxicating. Very yummy.

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