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     Back in 2009 was the year I was introduced to the "makeup utility" brand Coastal Scents. I heard all these accounts from seemingly everyone, their mother, and their mother's brother, about how economical of a brand it was (and still is!) for freelance makeup artists and makeup enthusiasts alike. At the time, I was still an enthusiast and hobbyist who just wanted some affordable, decent quality color palettes to play with, to possibly hone my skills with in the future, and yep, times have changed since then! :) In the recent years, the brand has exploded in popularity.
Coastal Scents
Coastal Scents Elite Eye Brushes
Coastal Scents Blush Too Palette

     It had been close to 5 years (dramatic gasp!) since my last order with this company, and recently I had been wanting to check out a couple palettes I had heard almost nothing but rave reviews about (including one of those gloriously coveted Revealed  palettes, as you can spy in the first photo) and.....as you can see, I broke down and got them!! The palettes are accompanied with a few brushes of course.

The Products

Coastal Scents Revealed 2 Palette
     The beautiful Revealed 2 Palette. Let's just talk about this. I held off on buying it for quite a while, and the sole reason for that is because I already had the LORAC Unzipped Palette in my possession, which I heard that this was very comparable to, as it is also comparable to (and has many a time been attested as a dupe for) the highly sought-after UD Naked 3 Palette, which I have never owned, and don't really plan on owning, because it just doesn't seem to be that versatile. 

     Well, ladies and gents, I've had Revealed 2 for about a week now, and I kid you not, these are the only  shadows I have been wearing since I got it. Twenty full size shadows....for $19.95? This is the original price, and at less than a dollar a shadow, in my humble opinion, it's more  than justifiable. While it would've been nice if I had waited to grab this during a sale, all in all, I'm just incredibly joyous that I have it in my possession now. This palette is so incredibly versatile, and I have been able to get so many different variations of looks with this, and even better, the texture is on par to what I expect from an Urban Decay shadow! Expect a review for this Revealed 2 Palette coming very soon!

Coastal Scents Elite Blender Brush

Elite Blender Brush, $4.95

Coastal Scents Elite Fine Liner Brush
 Elite Fine Liner Brush, $2.95

Coastal Scents Elite Angled Liner Brush
Elite Angled Liner Brush, $2.95

Coastal Scents Blush Too Palette
     I wanted to supply my kit with more vivid powder blushers that would cater to editorial looks, (as I only had two blushes in my kit at the time), so after doing some research, decided to pick up the Blush Too Palette ($14.95). It is indeed a predominantly cooler-toned palette, and while I would have liked there to be at least two warm-toned blushes in the palette (they do give you a bright electric orange, as well as sort of a bronzed peach that ends up leaning more neutral rather than warm), I do find the selection suitable for my needs, as I know I can always go with a few additional Jordana blushes (which are around $2 a pop) to implement those warm tones into my kit. As with the Revealed 2 palette, I will post a review for this blush palette very soon!

💋 xoxo-Cailee

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