Nail of the Day: Revlon Nail Enamel in 'Wildflower'

NOTD: Revlon Nail Enamel in 'Wildflower'

     I had to jump on here quickly to show one tiny way I've been embracing the soon-coming closure of summer. Bright pink nails!  It's a rare occurrence that I wear anything on my nails, to be quite honest. I can just never find the time, and, much like how I feel about jewelry, I look at the constant maintaining of well-manicured nails in my case as, firstly, hard to obtain, and secondly, rather superfluous for me, personally. Eeek now awaiting for the pitchforks... 😅

This bright pink beauty from Revlon is from their original formulation of nail polishes, which I've never found to be the longest lasting line of nail polish in the drugstore at any rate, however as long as I get at least a full day of wear out of a nail polish, I'm a happy camper. And with prior times of wearing this color, I have actually gotten a couple days out of it with a top coat before the chipping became noticeable. So, not really high maintenance where that's concerned. It's quite a lovely color, and this is just two thin coats, so it is nicely opaque. Wildflower is a glossy, creamy bright mid-toned cool pink that I like to wear because I know for a fact I could never pull off a bubblegum pink color like this on my lips. In these pics, I am not wearing any top coat. The base coat I used is Orly Ridgefiller.

Ladies, let me know! What's on your nails at the moment? 


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