My Eyeshadow Collection | Loose Pigments & Glitters

     Hello loves!  I thought it was in due time to create a post on the inventory of my relatively moderate collection of eyeshadow pigments, as well as the few glitters I own. It was originally in the works to declutter some of them, but ultimately, I decided not to part with any of them just yet. :) I like to pull them out occasionally, when I want a bit of added pizazz, and some depth and dimension to a look. I have no qualms with the quality of any of the ones I currently own, and don't think I will be purchasing any more, as I much prefer the look of pressed powder shadows, as well as the ease of application, y'know? Hmmm, I have noticed, though, that I may have just one too many purple shades here, so yep, I may have to rectify that somehow in the future. 😆

Anyway, please let me know if you would like a video of swatches, and I will upload one! For the time being, they will be sorted by brand in a list below. Here we go!

My Eyeshadow Collection | Pigments & Glitters
My Eyeshadow Collection | Pigments & Glitters
My Eyeshadow Collection | Pigments & Glitters

L.A. Splash Glitters

  • Mineral Eye Sparkle in 'Sparkling Gold'
  • Mineral Eye Sparkle in 'Precious Jellyfish'
  • Crystallized Glitter in 'Golden Tangerine'
  • Crystallized Glitter in 'Phenomenon'
  • Crystallized Glitter in 'Bliss'

TheBalm Overshadows

  • Work is Overrated
  • No Money, No Honey (better quality alternative to e.l.f. Mineral Eyeshadow in 'Elegant')
  • If You're Rich, I'm Single

MAC Pigments

  • Vanilla 
  • Pink Opal 
  • Crushed Metallic Pigment in 'Spruced'
  • Crushed Metallic Pigment in 'Moss Garden'
  • Crushed Metallic Pigment in 'She's Got Class'
  • Crushed Metallic Pigment in 'I've Got a Crush on You'


  • Rapunzel Had Extensions (full size)
  • Lucky Charmed (full size)
  • Work Safe Blue (full size)
  • Meerkat (full size)
  • Polar Bear (full size)
  • Wicked (full size)
  • Parental Advisory (full size) 
  • Cuddlefish (mini)
  • Herbivore (mini)
  • Dressed To Kill (mini)
  • Eternal Innocence (mini)
  • Digital Faerie (mini)

NYC Cosmetics

  • Sparkle Eye Dust in 'Amber Glitz' 

I also have a few of the e.l.f. Mineral Eyeshadows, but can't seem to find them at the moment. Darn that pigment fairy! Apart from that, this will conclude my pigment collection. :D I will be posting a couple more times this week, and I'm still trying to get on some sort of a schedule here with my blog, but right now the very thought of it is seeming pretty laughable even to me, since I will be starting school again next semester, and I'm assuming the posts will be even fewer and far between in the near future. I hope you all have a great week! See you soon!

💋 xoxo-Cailee

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