Saturday Sessions: How I Deal With Disappointment

     Hello my dears, and happy October!  So, I have made myself quite scarce on this blog for some time now, and I have absolutely no good reasons for that (at least reasons that anyone would really care to know; no exciting, groundbreaking discoveries or anything like that), but I have recently quit my day job and now have two weeks to go until I am officially out. The scary part about it is, I'm in a situation where I don't know where I will be employed in three weeks' time (or whether I will be, apart from my seasonal part-time job I just got; more on that later!) before I go back to college in January. I was in a situation where I had something lined up to start after I ended ties with my current job, but that new opportunity somehow fell through the cracks. In this case, I didn't have a Plan C in effect, and am now dealing with the consequences, and the disappointment that goes along with it.

     Disappointment. A term (and feeling) that will seem like it's something that will always be pertinent to even the most positive, who just don't understand the origin of the feeling. Not to get all mystical about it or anything, because it is essentially a feeling that is deep-rooted within us, and is something idealists like myself fear the most, as it combines the outcomes for multiple different scenarios. The funny thing is that, oddly enough, disappointment is what we feel when we're thinking too much about one thing: ourselves. I will say that I don't read any self-help books or entertain myself with that alternative realm of the fixation of one's perspective, ultimately because I look to something greater than myself, and anything else: God, and seeking His wisdom and His grace. Sounds cheesy to some, but that's just what works for me: If self-help books are your thing, that's great, and hey, what works, works! I just see them personally as a last-resort kinda deal for me. The way other people may feel vice-versa, and that's perfectly fine!

     That being said, the best way to deal with that nagging feeling of disappointment for me is to simply try to remember where the feeling actually stems from: Not only is it a prolonged feeling of something we may lack within ourselves (a lack of personal self-fulfillment in one area or another, for example), but also from simply having too many expectations. I think it's imperative that nobody be too focused on those things, that they may become misguided in their overall direction and may begin to lose focus on their sole purpose in life.

     It may be difficult at first to see disappointment for what it really is, and it can be even more difficult for idealists like myself to take in stride. It takes a certain level of fortitude, but once the realization of it hits, it really does lead to many more positive thoughts. If we quit worrying so much about our own personal gains (which I know I won't be the first to admit that this is something I need to work on), it would be so much better in the long-term. There are people out there who can make this point much more eloquently than myself, but it's a topic I just wanted to elaborate on, and hopefully this will be able to help someone out there who may be letting this nasty feeling eat them alive, like it used to with me.

Hope you all have a great weekend, and God bless!

💋 xoxo-Cailee


  1. i just follow your blog<3

    1. Thanks for following! And I'll be sure to check yours out as well!


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