What Do I Do When I'm Not Blogging?

The Usual Setup of a Blogger, Eh, Sans the Camera 

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What I Usually Have in Front of Me When Blogging; my current version of this setup is for the birds, so this image will have to do 😅
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Hey guys! Wow, upon realizing that I'm pretty close to hitting the 3-year benchmark with this blog (which is an amazement that I've kept with it this long, at any rate), I decided it was a good time to publish a post like this! I never thought to make a post about myself, because, eh....I don't like to talk about myself much, to be honest. But I finally figured that this may be a good time to tell my awesome long-term readers of this blog just a bit more about me, and what some hobbies of mine are when I'm not on the bloggie, if there's even a single soul who wants to know, that is. 😉

Many beauty and lifestyle bloggers have their time garbled up completely between their college studies, full time jobs, and blogging, and all you have to do is just throw in some sponsorship time quotas, video and blog schedules, hours upon hours of editing, and well, some of these bloggers may find they don't have time for much of anything else. I find I'm a bit curious as to what else some of them may like to do in their spare time. I'll be honest, the thought of having no time is precisely the reason why I don't blog as frequently as some (or even have a YouTube channel, apart from my one lone video). I'm just one of those types who feels more accomplished when I don't put all my eggs in one basket, and just like to try multiple different things. I also try not to spend any of my time being idle, if I can help it. But everyone is different, and I have so much admiration and appreciation for you bloggers out there who go into it head first, and go grande or go home with it. Dang, you have my respect!

In my blog reading list and the ones I follow, you will find so many numerous ones covering all sorts of niches and topics. You name it: I follow many of the music blogs, beauty and lifestyle blogs, book review/literature blogs, a few computer programming, heck, even a couple science blogs.
Eh, I must say that I typically try to save my studies for the textbooks and my allotted undergrad course time overall, but I find it helpful getting out of the institutional box to try to expand my understanding of the different geologic fields and what they're really like for people who either have a stabilized and substantial growing career path in a field (be it an oceanographer, volcanologist or petroleum geologist) and learn from their tips, and some good people, bless them, who have that info freely available online for B.S. geology undergrad nobodies like me, or people who may just have their Bachelor's or Master's in the geological sciences or paleontology and are still looking for a job, and what results their experiences are yielding for them).
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Ahem, so I don't look anything like this girl when I play, nor do orbs of light envelop themselves around me as I play; just clearing that up. 😆 Yeah, apart from trying to obtain that geology degree, some hobbies I have to also fill my time include my violin practice, which is my #1 priority at the moment, and it's what I'm putting a lot of my time and energy into. I am learning from the Suzuki books, and am currently on book #2 (there are 10 Suzuki books in total). I also take joys in playing tennis (with it being the only sport I've ever reached the meh-to-ok status lol), going to the art museum, checking out a world class violinist, pianist, or jazz band at a show (I've gone to see Hilary Hahn, Lang Lang, Lindsey Stirling, Snarky Puppy, etc.), and a Broadway show here and there, the latter being a pretty rare event for me.
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Something else I enjoy doing is computer programming and coding. I dove headfirst into it at one point as well, and am just now beginning to learn Javascript in my spare time, but am still in the beginning stages with it. The violin has been taking up a crap-load of that time lately. Hmm, and I guess I'm also a bit of a bookworm, the range of what I read being mostly nonfiction and fictional literature written in the Romantic period. For a lot of people, ugh, snooze... I know, I know. 💤 I agree, some of the Romantic era literature really is tedious as hell, guys. There are so many novels I haven't been able to finish and just put on the backburner as a result of being bored to tears. So much flowery language strewn throughout. Blech. Don't get me wrong, I admire Miss Austen's works and the likes of her, but damn, have to do it in segments sometimes.

So with all that said, as much as I love reviewing products and showing you all of what I love and recommend, I still feel as though I'll forever be behind in the beauty blogger niche, as far as keeping up with the latest releases, trends, artist tips, and the constant changes and evolving of the industry. So yep, hopefully you've learned a little more about a girl who just found a place on the blogosphere to express her love of beauty in all forms and the art of makeup and literature. I'm also now realizing that my short stint working at Sephora had really helped catapult my interest and yearning for gaining all the knowledge I can in the beauty world. I guess I'll keep trying, and there is still much more to come for this new year!

Hope everyone has a Merry Christmas! Take care!

💋 xoxo-Cailee

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