Nail of the Day + Review! Sinful Colors Shine Gel Tech Nail Color in 'Alfresco'

Sinful Colors Shine Gel Tech Nail Color in 'Alfresco'
Sinful Colors Shine Gel Tech in Alfresco
Sinful Colors Shine Gel Tech Nail Color in 'Alfresco'

Sinful Colors Shine Gel Tech Nail Color in 'Alfresco'

Hello there darlings!  Well, after going a few months without wearing much of anything on my nails (not taking into account the coconut oil I've been using to help my cuticles, and it has been helping immensely), I decided to go with glossy pastel cornflower blue nails one day, since I figured, eh, why not, my cuticles haven't looked this good in ages. FYI, my cuticles are indeed pretty terrible.

     On the day I took these photos, the wear time on this nail polish was approaching day three with the Sinful Colors Step 2 Shine Top Coat. I'm so impressed with this formula, and it's the Sinful Colors Shine Gel Tech in the color Alfresco.  I vaguely remember using Sinful Colors way back in high school when they had less than 20 shades in their lineup, and now they're going completely ape-crap with all their consistent new releases. I could swear I probably see a new one practically every time I go to the pharmacy or grocery store now! And with their highly rated Shine formula being priced at a bargainista's dream at only $2.99 per polish, I can even see myself going a bit crazy with experimentation pretty easily. Nope, can't let that happen...

     I will say that Alfresco, a pastel cornflower blue with a cream finish and a beautiful glossy shine even without the help of a top coat, is definitely a 2-coater for moderate to full opacity, but even in some instances (like in the picture above), I see a bit of bald spots even with 2 coats. The dry time on this beautiful springy blue color was a bit average, in the sense that even after waiting two minutes before applying the top coat, I was finding that the brush of the top coat was picking up a bit of the blue polish and leaving that dreaded bald spot underneath. I apply the color in very thin layers too, so I will have to make a conscious effort in the future to wait a bit longer for it to dry. There's a lot of brush drippage, and this is a pretty thin formula, so it can become a mess rather quickly. I expect this may chip just a bit more than it would have if worn sans the top coat, but with top coat, it wore beautifully for three days, no chipping! After that three day mark, I was noticing just a bit of chipping on a couple that rendered touching up to be necessary.

Overall Rating: 8.5/10

I would definitely recommend! 😉💅

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