A Cleanser You Should Try! Lumene Finland Bright Touch Cleansing Foam

     Welcome back! How are you all?  Oh yes, I have a mid-week skincare review! The Lumene Skincare brand is an affordable Finnish brand of which most ingredients are plant and mineral based (and 80% are located within the Arctic Circle, how sweet is that?), and this brand has been all over my radar lately with their increasingly accessible targeted lines of skincare! They have anti-aging benefits with many of their products, some of which are marketed for all skin types, such as the one I'll be reviewing today: the Bright Touch Refreshing Cleansing Foam (formerly Radiant Touch in a squeeze tube instead of Bright Touch in a bottle w/ pump).
Lumene Finland Bright Touch Refreshing Cleansing Foam

Lumene Finland Bright Touch Refreshing Cleansing Foam

About The Product

This creamy lathering facial wash has the main ingredients water, sodium laureth sulfate, and glycerin. Other ingredients you'll find featured on the Dermstore's description (link) for this product are panthenol (a B5 pro-vitamin that locks in moisture), essential oils, antioxidants, and AHAs

From Dermstore: The Bright Touch Cleansing Foam lathers to create a gentle foam that lifts impurities, dirt and debris. Unique arctic cloudberry oil enhances your skin's natural radiance, revealing vibrant, healthy skin after each wash. 

Price & Availability

$12 for 5.1 fl oz. I found mine at Ulta.


In short, I don't use this as a makeup remover, as the claims suggest that it can be. I use it on bare skin only, so that my skin can get the full effects from the ingredients. The lather is very rich, although I've found that I used my first bottle of this rather quickly, as I've found that one full pump is a bit too much product for one use (I'll recommend that half a pump is sufficient for a full cleanse; however, the pump is easy to control in that regard).

I massage the product onto my face and let it soak into the skin for 5-7 minutes, then I rinse!
The scent is a light natural citrus fragrance, which I do appreciate. It doesn't smell harsh or chemically sharp on the olfactory senses, but one that's very light and fresh. 

This cleanser doesn't feel nearly as harsh on the skin as the Simple Skincare Cleansing Foam, which contained an ingredient that caused my skin a bit of redness, irritation and sensitivity after each use. I do find the effects and performance of this to be more noticeable per use than with that one, and I can use this daily. I could only use the one from Simple Brand 2 times a week, and while that one proved to be effective, it was a bit too much for my dry, sensitive skin (that suffers from a lot of blackheads and texture, sans acne).

When I talk about this product's performance per use, I mean how my skin looks and feels post-rinse: when I use this, my face never feels completely stripped of moisture when I rinse it off (thanks to the panthenol, which I can only assume must have a higher potency in this than in the one from Simple), and I know this product has contributed to a slightly more supple (and less dry) appearance to my skin. I know that it's unrealistic (due to the slightly acidic, PH-balancing nature of a foaming cleanser such as this) to assume that a cleanser like this is going to improve things like the skin's texture or reduce acne to a substantial degree over time, and I will say that although this doesn't do miracles such as that, I haven't noticed it causing skin texture or adding irritation or a burning sensation to any inflammation of blemishes I've had in the past or present. It's also worth mentioning that I've found that this has done a phenomenal job of cleaning out my pores and keeping them unclogged over the duration of time I've used it. Bonus points for that!

Final Thoughts

This one gets a recommendation from me! I would especially recommend this to all my oily/combo people for practical daily usage, as it locks in moisture and doesn't strip the skin. I do think products like this, by nature, are practical to use for most (if not all) skin types, as it is marketed to be. However, I think it does depend on the frequency of usage for certain skin-types, and some brands don't particularly make it a point to state that. Say, with my slightly sensitive skin, I can get away with using this daily, rather than limiting it to 2 times a week and using a more moisturizing and hydrating cleanser for other days. But I would say if you have moderately to very sensitive skin with a drier texture, I would skip daily usage with this and keep usage to perhaps 2-3 times weekly.

Overall a very nice, affordable cleanser with the added bonus of a fresh, clean scent! The brand Lumene advocates on a no animal testing standpoint. Their products are modestly priced and prove to be quite effective with natural ingredients. It's even better that they're becoming more widely available!

Have you tried anything from this brand? Let me know! Thanks for taking the time to check out this review! Have a lovely day, everyone!


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  1. Ha! So exciting to see Finnish products making it in the world! :D I've actually tried this cleanser once and I loved it too x Have you tried any makeup products from Lumene?


    1. Hey Charlotta Eve,

      Oh, yes, isn't it nice? I've tried a couple other pieces of their skincare (their Vitamin C serum and an eye cream), but have yet to try their makeup! I would like to one day! As long as the ingredients are good, I'm up for trying! :)


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