More Product Empties! What Would I Repurchase?

     Happy Sunday! When looking back through my archives and seeing that I hadn't done an empties post since November, I have since accumulated a bit more of a selection of items I had recently finished up, and to avoid clutter and those hoarder tendencies, I generally always want to throw things away as soon as I finish them. That's why my future empties posts will more than likely never feature a bunch of stuff that's been laying around for ages. Some of these things I find worth repurchasing, and some of them are repurchases themselves. So, let's get on with it so I can finally throw this stuff out! 😀

Philosophy Candy Cane 3-in-1 Shampoo, Shower Gel & Bubble Bath 

(will not repurchase)
I used this solely as a shower gel, and while it smelled nice and refreshing for a second in the shower, I just find that Philosophy 3-in-1 gels don't yield as rich a lather as other shower gels I've used that run way less expensive. I wish they would formulate these more akin to body washes (richer lather, longer lasting scent) and just do away with the '3-in-1' marketing nonsense (I know some lovely hair stylist friends who low-key lost their ever-loving shizz over those shampoo claims, hilariously exclaiming 'Why?'), especially for the price you pay (I bought this when they were $1 per ounce, so $16 per bottle). I feel the same way with Bath and Body Works shower gels. No nourishing properties, I didn't feel like this moisturized my skin in any way at all. The peppy, peppermint scent on this faded completely as soon as I stepped out of the shower, so that's another reason I wouldn't repurchase. I tried using it once as a bubble bath, but alas, no bubbling, no foaming or sudsy-suds at all. 

I've had some Philosophy travel size 3-in-1's in the past that did the same exact thing. Maybe I'm the only one who just doesn't understand the appeal of these? They're all cosmetic, with sub-par to zilch on the skin benefits. While I love and rely on my Philosophy fragrances (they certainly have done those right!) these just always miss the mark for me. 

St. Ives Refresh & Revive Pear Nectar & Soy Body Wash 

(will definitely repurchase!)
I'm a scent kinda gal, and oh my, this body wash was definitely savored! For less than 4 bucks, I have repurchased the same one in Pear & Soy, along with all their other scents, with the exfoliating Sea Salt & Pacific Kelp being my favorite. This works into a beautifully rich lather, and it's nicely moisturizing as well. The pear scent is a bit synthetic, and while I wish it smelled a hair more natural, I found the scent to be refreshing every time; never cloying or heavy. 

Clinique Butter Shine Lipstick in 'Baby Baby' 

(will possibly repurchase)
Ah, this lovely Buttershine. I'm sad to see this one go, however I'm on the fence as far as whether or not I'll repurchase. It sat at the forefront of my vanity for a couple months, so I finished this and dug quite a bit of product out of the bottom in order to consider it finished.  There is wayy more product in these tubes than one would be led to think. The color is a beautiful sheer neutral rose pink with a hint of a caramel tone to it, and a subtle pearl sheen. A bit lighter than Viva Glam V, but still the same idea! Baby Baby was incredibly moisturizing and perfected whatever look I was wearing, making it look all the more polished. The formula was impeccable, however I didn't care too much for the scent. Had a slight chemical scent the entire time I had it (six to seven months) so definitely a bit of a turnoff. There was also little to no staying power to it, and I also have to chalk up that factor. 

Maybelline Instant Age Rewind Concealer in 'Fair' 

(will definitely repurchase!)
This is at least the third tube of this concealer I've gone through. Creamy formula, beautifully blendable and very long-lasting, and gives a natural, supple, appearance on the skin, but still retains the flawless full coverage that's needed to battle dark under-eye circles. Very breathable product on the skin, never cakey, and other products build on top of it beautifully. It's almost emollient. I do, however, want to wait to purchase this again when I find it somewhere on a BOGO deal. 

Josie Maran 100% Pure Argan Oil (travel size)

(will not repurchase)
If this is really the best contender for pure argan oil, well, sorry, but count me out. Either the component of argan oil in this is of a lower concentration or diluted with other unknown filler ingredients, weak, or it just has no effect on my skin. It has to be one of those. I mean, it was a good moisturizer, but didn't help with dry patches, had no effect on any of my inflammation on the skin, or dormant acne breakouts, and my skin never seems to want to drink it up, for some reason. I don't mind a slightly heavy feeling from an oil or serum, but this felt pretty light-weight on the skin, which I'm pretty neutral about. I avidly believe, however, that I can find something a third the price of this, that has a higher concentration of the main ingredient, and will work tons better than this. I know it's out there, if I want to dip my toes in argan oil skincare again. I got this in a fairly priced Josie Maran skincare set a couple of holidays ago, so this didn't leave me out on the bacon or anything.

Have a wonderful day, everyone! Hopefully I'll finish some more makeup products next time!

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