A Day in the Tropics: Sunset Eye Makeup feat. Urban Decay Full Spectrum Palette!

A Day in the Tropics: Sunset Eye Makeup feat. Urban Decay Full Spectrum Palette!
     Happy Friday! Yesterday I received the Urban Decay Full Spectrum Palette in a swap I did with my friend Anna. I wanted to do a look that wasn't restricted to just the eye area, and knew I wanted to do something with yellow. I saw a photo in one of those old makeup creative magazines that, to my knowledge, is no longer in publication, and it's a magazine called FACEON. It had a brightly pigmented coral eyeshadow brought down from the lower lashline blended all the way down to the cheekbone in a soft-focus too-high blush placement, which I love in editorial looks! I simply adjusted and tweaked the construction of the look to suit my eye shape.

I'll attempt as best I can to piece this into a step-by-step pictorial, but a couple of these shadows were just frustrating to work with, so, out of impatience, I just skipped ahead to the final look after only taking photos of the first couple steps.
A Day in the Tropics: Sunset Eye Makeup feat. Urban Decay Full Spectrum Palette!
Take a look at this beauty! I'll give you a moment....for all lover of brights, this palette's aesthetic could stun your socks off, and I'm not talking Harry Potter spells!
A Day in the Tropics: Sunset Eye Makeup feat. Urban Decay Full Spectrum Palette!
Urban Decay Full Spectrum Palette

Shadows Used From the Palette

Urban Decay Full Spectrum Palette swatches

Step 1: Base Products

The base is everything in this look, and the products I used really helped bring the bold pigments out, at the same time without sacrificing the blendability. So in a way, the base serves as a crutch for some formulas of bright, primary-colored eye pigments and shadows. Prior to any eyeshadow application, I just used the Wet 'n' Wild Primer and NYX Milk all over to make the brights pop. The MAC Paint Pot was used at a later point in the look, for a more defined mobile lid. We'll get to that later.

Above the base, I applied a pearly white shade mixed with a matte white shadow to set, rather than a translucent setting powder like I usually do. I applied this not just to the lids, but also underneath the eyes extending down to the cheekbone and applied it to my temples as well. Tools Used: Wet 'n' Wild Crease Brush. Any blending brush with a round shape, and one that isn't as dense, is perfect for this step! It will really help to give that soft-focus blurring effect. You won't want a defining crease brush to do something like that. 

Step 2: Inner Crease

This step involves quite a bit of blending Calavera and Jones from the palette, back and forth, wash, rinse, repeat, you know the drill. 😄 I wanted the shades to reach my brow in the inner part and taper out lower along the middle of my upper crease. Honestly, since this area covers a small surface space, you can use a denser brush because these shadows don't tend to get patchy as long as there is powder underneath.

Step 3: Outer Crease

In this step, the only shade we're blending into the outer crease besides Calavera is Seize, a bright coral-orange from the palette.

The rest of the steps are without application pictures:

Step 4: The Mobile Lid!

This was where I began the accentuation of the mobile lid color. I applied MAC Paint Pot in 'Soft Ochre' with a flat synthetic precision brush to softly carve out the mobile lid up to just above the crease. I then used another shadow from Urban Decay called Skimp, from their Mariposa Palette released a few years ago. 

Step 5: Lower Lashline!

This step admittedly took a bit of work and more products to look nice and blurred (hint: I used the same Wet 'n' Wild Crease Brush that I used earlier!)
I took a medium brown with orange undertones from my custom Z-Palette, and it was from an old Wet 'n' Wild 6-Pan Palette.
Next applied was a dark matte chocolate brown focused just underneath the lashline with a small smudge brush, and blended well with the Wet 'n' Wild orange shade, in the same Z-Palette. It's a LORAC Single Shadow in 'Costa Rican Coffee'.

Step 6: Za Cheekbone Eyeshadow Fade!

Oh yes, this is where it gets interesting! I used the shade 'Seize' from the Full Spectrum Palette, and, with the same fluffy round Wet 'n' Wild Crease Brush, I went to town, blending the coral into the orange and brown that were previously applied to the lower lashline. I blended it out, and extended it downwards to the cheekbone, picking up a little product with my brush at a time, so as not to make it too concentrated in one area.  It blended quite nicely, though!

Step 7: Turquoise Liner!

I used a couple eyeshadows for this step with a damp angled liner brush: the beautiful blue in the palette called Blindsided, and to intensify the shimmer, I used a L'Oreal Infallible 24 Hour Eyeshadow in 'Endless Sea.'

Step 7: Finishing It Up!

I applied quite a bit of inner corner highlight, and I used the same pearly white LORAC shadow that I used earlier as the base shadow. I finished up with a couple coats of mascara and, did my brows and voila! Finished!

Hope you all liked this summery look! If you have this palette, what are your thoughts? Do you love it, is it meh, or did you return it immediately? Let me know in the comments section! 


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