A Few Product Empties! + Would I Repurchase?

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     Hello there!  Hooray, it's almost the weekend! So, today, I have a scarcely proportioned roundup of the products that I've recently finished up completely (and these are the ones I actually managed to keep the empty containers for). This is split in half with two skincare products, and two makeup products. And, I know, in theory, it's a good habit to throw away crap as soon as it's coming up empty, but for posts like these, well....let's just say there are a few other things I finished that I wished would've stayed around a bit longer for me to do a post on them. Hmmm, hoarder tendencies there, or no?

In all honesty, I sometimes don't really see the point of "empties" posts without information that I can get something out of, whether I'm reading or watching, so to reiterate what some others prefer to do, I would like to tie in some mini reviews on these items. Ultimately, what it will come down to is, would I purchase and try these babies again, or were some of these products just a thorn in my side that I couldn't wait to use up, so they would be out of my hair forever? Read on to find out! 

Pixi Glow Mist, $15, Target 
Yes, yes, and a resounding yes, I have already repurchased this bottle of gloriousness, and am halfway through my second one! I'm actually shocked that I haven't done a full review on this yet, as it's an absolute essential for me. I recommend it to anyone with normal to dry skin! I find that this works either way in terms of pre-makeup application to prep the skin, or post-makeup application to help the makeup melt into the skin, and eliminate any heavy, powdery, or cakey look. Highly recommend this one ten times over!

Aura Cacia Nurturing Sweet Almond Skincare Oil, $5.99, Target or Whole Foods
Pshhh, of course, you may already know. :) This stuff is sent from the angels, and is dirt cheap. It will be with me for a while, and I have already repurchased, and will continue to do so. I have featured this product on my blog, so if you're not familiar with how intensely nourishing and hydrating it is, you can check out my full review of it here

Maybelline Baby Skin Instant Pore Eraser, $5
This primer...eh, I'm on the fence with this one. My makeup glided on smoothly when I used it, but I didn't notice my makeup adhering any better than it would've without it. It kept a moderately matte appearance to my makeup for an hour or so, but afterwards, I was an oily mess all over again in humidity, even with powder on. I need stuff to work through the sweat and tears, no matter what price I'm paying for it. Suffice to say, if I find I want a temporary matte base, I'll keep this on the backburner as a possible repurchase. But for now, I'm good with just using a setting powder and mattifying setting mist.

Some no-name LORAC eyeshadow from a holiday set....
It's not at all a commonplace occurrence that I use up an entire pan of eyeshadow, but this was such a beautifully buttery, satin ivory-bone color that just stole my heart. It was just perfect for so many of my minimal makeup days. I occasionally even used this as a cheekbone highlight...yes, the glowy (not shiny or shimmery!) finish was that lovely. I have eyeshadows that are similar, but not quite this finish. This was part of their 4-palette chocolate bar collection they came out with one holiday season, and I depotted it into my Z-Palette and used it up in no time. Beautiful.

There you have it! What are some products you've recently finished? Have a nice weekend, loves! 😃💙💙

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