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     Hello lovelies! Hope you all are having a fabulous week thus far, and even more fabness to come your way! I think the reason why I've felt so good this year, with minimal allergies, infections, and whatnot, is merely because (1. I changed my field of study last year, and I now spend a lot of my time out in nature, as, hey that's rock-studying for ya, and 2. Apart from that, I've just been helping tend to my dad's flower garden, hiking with the family or playing a few rounds of tennis, and I've been doing these things even more than I used to, with little to no technology!). 

I feel as though this "seemingly" nekkid-faced, "seemingly" naturally glowy skin (when we all know that really isn't the case, we get a little help *wink wink*) fairly mimics what I've been rocking with for the past year or so! Low maintenance, easy, fresh, and you may say, 'Eyyy! What's with the cheeks? Why so pale?' I must say I do like the uber-pale look sometimes. 😊 At the moment, though, I was dealing with a minor hormonal breakout on one cheek in the space where I would normally apply blusher, so I decided to go sans-blush so as not to enhance that area. You feel me? 

Here we go! For this look, I'm not wearing anything on the lips, except a little dab of Carmex. These photos were taken in natural sunlight right before I left to go hiking, so let me take you through the steps I took to get this no-fuss dewy look (with slightly dressed up eyes!).

Skin Prep

Step 1: On clean, dry skin, I applied my favorite skin care oil as my moisturizer. This was the Aura Cacia Nurturing Sweet Almond Natural Skin Care Oil, which you can buy from Whole Foods or Target (I'm currently about to run out of my second bottle! It's a non-greasy, non-clogging absolute Godsend for dry skin! I have a review of it here, if you'd like to check it out), and with a dime-sized amount, I buffed it into my skin and let it settle and sink in for about 3-5 minutes. 
Step 2: Now, onto the sun protection! After letting the almond oil sink in, I then applied Josie Maran Argan Daily Moisturizer SPF 47, making sure not to forget blending it into my neck and the space behind my ears. 
Step 3: I sometimes like to do a single spritz of refreshing mist prior to makeup application, just to seal the barrier between the skincare and the makeup. The facial mist pictured above is Pixi Beauty's Glow Mist, and it really does the job of making the skin feel instantly rehydrated. 
Now, on to the face makeup! 

Base Skin Products

Step 1: To get a perfect custom shade for my skintone, I always mix the NYX Pro Foundation Mixer in 'White' with any of my darker foundations. In this case, the contender that's mixed in with the white base would be the never-cakey, lightweight as ever (and pretty much foolproof) foundation of choice, L'Oreal True Match Lumi Foundation in 'N1-2'. 
Step 2: I spot concealed with a highly underrated concealer that is my perfect shade, and never looks dry and lasts pretty much as long as I have it on. That concealer is the Sephora Bright Future Gel Serum Concealer, and my shade is 'Buttercream.'
Step 3: A light dusting of translucent powder was applied on the outer perimeter of my face, and on my chin and around my mouth area. 
Step 4: Another spritz of Pixi Glow Mist to meld the powder and liquid together, patted down and blended in, and voila! Al fine. 

Tip: The white foundation mixer, by nature, is compatible with different foundations I've tried, although it does indeed tend to make this foundation and other more natural coverage foundations look just a smidgen more noticeable and 'makeup-like,' if you will. It doesn't lend to a heavy appearance, per se, but I would recommend just applying with a damp Beauty Blender sponge (or BB dupe, whatever you have) just for a seamless foundation blend. 

Although, if you're like me and have no problem applying foundation with fingers, but still desire that glowy, truly 'no-makeup' appearance to look like it's radiating from within and not look like a fabricated layer of Plaster-of-Paris, I do like the appearance that tinted moisturizers give, as they can never look like too much. Some that I've personally heard good things about and am intrigued by, but have never gotten to try for myself are the NARS Pure Radiant Tinted Moisturizer or the Perfecting Skin Tint from Glossier. You can check out some of their products here.
I just sometimes like a little more coverage in my base, and I have to be feeling confident in my skin's condition to wear a tinted moisturizer, but if tinted moisturizers or BB Creams are your thing for daily use, then girl, you do you! :)

Now, last but not least, on to the eyes! 


Step 1: Oh, the necessity of primer. Yep, I applied the new Wet 'n' Wild Photo Focus Eyeshadow Primer, however much I wish the Wet 'n' Wild Fergie Primer formula was still available. 
Step 2: I took a mid-toned matte peachy brown shadow from my Makeup Revolution Ultra 32 Matte Palette and haphazardly blended it into and above the crease, as well as the lower lashline. 
Step 3: For that subtle glow to the eyelids and inner corner, I used an Essence Mono Shadow in 'The Grammy Goes Glammy,' which is a beautiful (and actually very reflective, not to mention long-lasting!) pale ivory with a heavy pearlized sheen and the subtlest hint of a pink and gold shimmer infused. Gorgeous. 
Step 4: Jordana Best Lash Extreme Volumizing Mascara coats my top and bottom lashes, and lasts for the duration of a pretty intense hike or tennis game (I've done a review on this as well! It's cheap as chips too!)
Step 5: Lastly, to brighten up the eyes, I lined my waterline with the NARS Larger Than Life Eye Pencil in 'Rue Bonaparte,' which is their flesh-toned shade in the lineup, and it lasts all day through sweating and intense heat. 

There you have it! My no-makeup, makeup look I applied prior to a hiking trip, which turned out to actually have quite a lot of steps as dissected in a post, but in general is really quite simple to execute. I can pretty much do this look in my sleep by now, and it takes me all of 5 minutes. Hope you enjoyed, loves, and have a great day! 


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