Review: Rimmel #103 Lasting Finish Matte Lipstick by Kate Moss

Rimmel #103 Lasting Finish Matte Lipstick by Kate Moss
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Hello! Bonjour! I originally wasn't planning on posting this review, but since this lipstick was one of my go-to lip colors of choice for the duration of a month this year (not necessarily a good thing though, as I was just in the mindset of finishing the tube up more than actually enjoying it), I thought that it warranted a review for that reason. I own a couple other shades in this line, one being a deeper berry, the other a lighter soft neutral pink (it's like a matte version of MAC's Creme Cup), with this one being a slightly deeper pink than the other, and slightly warmer. With the aforementioned fact that this lipstick was one of my go-to's, you would think I would say I love it, but alas, it fell short on a few key factors. 

Shade & Pigmentation

This shade in '103' is a medium pink that leans on the warm/yellow spectrum of pinks, at least on my wintery skin tone. I detect the most subtle dash of coral infused in this shade, seen moreso when it's on my lips than when looking at it in the tube. 

The pigmentation is actually quite sheer for it being a demi-matte formula. I have naturally very pigmented lips, so that could be a contributing factor for pigmentation, as it's difficult, if not impossible, to apply it so that my natural lip color does not peek through, even when I've applied a few layers. It's not uncomfortable to put on, and it can be easily built up but it still has that somewhat translucent quality, which I find to be a bit odd. So no, definitely not a full coverage lip product, at any rate. 
Rimmel #103 Lasting Finish Matte Lipstick by Kate Moss
Rimmel #103 Lasting Finish Matte, swatched on hand, four swipes of color


I found the texture of this lipstick to be quite smooth (not buttery or creamy or anything to that extent, albeit a bit grainy-feeling when it's on the lips). With this shade, I have never noticed that grainy, coarse feeling upon application, but always feel it when it's been on my lips for half an hour or so. 


Simply put, this lipstick failed the test of lasting through coffee or a meal. It transfers like mad, is extremely drying, and over the course of an hour (if it even lasts that long) I start to notice that it accentuates the lines in my lips just slightly. A lip liner is of utmost importance when wearing any of these Lasting Finish Mattes, as well as exfoliating the lips. I must say though, that not even some of the driest liquid lipsticks I've tried have shriveled up my lips like prunes, in the way that this one does. Very uncomfortable to wear (this takes the slice of pie for being the most uncomfortable of the 3 that I have from this line, and I usually don't mind a drying lippie!), and the worst part of it is, this calls for constant reapplication, as it isn't long lasting at all.


I purchased mine from Target for $4.99, but expect to see them retail for upwards of the $6 mark elsewhere, especially Walgreen's and CVS. 

Do I Recommend It?

So, you might be thinking: Good gracious, woman, if this is a lipstick you can't stand, why on earth did you wear it for a month straight? Simple. I got a lot of compliments on it lol. Might I say, that it's a rare occasion that I receive compliments on my makeup, except of course if I'm wearing something vampy and noticeable. But a subtle color like this? I just didn't expect it, and wearing it from then on just kind of stuck, I suppose. :) It is a beautiful, very 'safe' and easy shade, despite its shortcomings, but if you're looking for a comfortable matte, I wouldn't recommend it. It's not something I would personally buy again, but it's a color I would look for in a different formula. 

What do you think of these lipsticks? Which are your favorites and least favorites? Let me know in the comments section! Happy Thursday!

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