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     Hi everyone! Who's ready for a Better Than Sex review? This post is long overdue, to say the least, and has been in my drafts for far too long. I don't remember purchasing the Too Faced Better Than Sex, I believe I got this tube in my gratis bag one week during my short stint working for Sephora, seemingly many moons ago (when really, it was less than a year ago). So, to be quite honest, I don't even have this tube anymore, and I can't believe nothing has possessed me until now to review this, as I in fact really enjoyed it while I had it!

Too Faced Better Than Sex Mascara Review

Too Faced Better Than Sex Mascara Review

      It had been until recently that I had purposely avoided doing mascara reviews on this blog, even though mascara is, for all intents and purposes, one of the most worn makeup items universally, so it would only make sense to do reviews, right?? Well, I avoided doing reviews simply because mascaras are one item that are so fickle! If a mascara is clumpless on one person, it could be clump-city on the next! I know that eye shape and eye size in proportion to the shape of the brush shape and design of the bristles, as well as the length of one's natural lashes, are contributing factors to make a review more worth one's read. In the end, though, it's up to your preference. I've heard multiple times from people that the deluxe mini-version can work better for them than the full-sized version! So it's such a YMMV concept, and very personal. Let me show you! :)

Too Faced Better Than Sex Mascara Review
Too Faced Better Than Sex Mascara, 2 coats

Product Details

This retails at $23 wherever Too Faced is sold. By the way, this is a mascara formula that, to my recognition, took Too Faced years to perfect! Here's what else they say (in my own words):
  • They used a film-forming Polymer in the formula, which is why it's supposed to last all day
  • Peptides enhance the richness of the color

The Formula

This mascara is thick and a bit on the dry side when first opening the tube. It's not at all goopy or runny. The color is of the most high-potency black, and never looks flat against a smokey eye. I loved to wear this mascara on no-liner days. I would get fluttery, sky high Marilyn-esque lashes every....single....time (or at least, that's what it seemed like, as this mascara gives that result to many people on that first coat!). 

The Wand

Too Faced describes the wand's bristles as hourglass shaped - the design of the wand is in a way where the clumpy lash is inevitable, and if you're more a fan of separation in lashes, I would skip this altogether. The dip in the center of the wand really allowed me a customized look every time I used it. Sometimes my center lashes looked much longer and thicker than my outer and inner lashes, but I could always customize my look and tweak my working with the brush so that all my lashes look somewhat evenly lengthened and fanned out. (Also, it's worth pointing out that the brush is huge). 


At the 6-7 hour mark, I sometimes noticed a trace of smudging underneath the eyes, which only makes sense as this is not the waterproof version. But I'm so happy to report that this never gave me panda eyes throughout the day, and held its position, for the most part! It's not outstanding at holding a curl past the two-hour mark, I will say. Not terrible, but not outstanding.Would I purchase this?  Honestly, I don't want to say I'll never purchase this, but $23 for a mascara? With just a 3-4 month life? That's quite the wallet-crusher for me at the moment. I just didn't find that I fell in love with the results it gave me, so to speak. But by all means, it's a solid performing mascara, gave me the results I was looking for (as far and length and volume) quite quickly, and it didn't dry out in its tube before its time! So I overall do recommend this, if you can afford it! 


Also helps that it's cruelty free! 8/10

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  1. I tried this mascara this past summer and I really liked the effect, but it did smudge sooner than 6 hrs for me :(

    Samantha Series

    1. Sorry it didn't work For you, Samantha! Especially at the pricetag it's at, this really should last through a lot more, I agree with you there. :) I kind of want to try the waterproof version, but then I just think 'Meh'. Thanks for commenting! :)


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