A Skincare Sunday Review: Shea Moisture Superfruit Multivitamin Renewal Eye Cream

     Hey everyone! Welcome back to another Skincare Sunday review!  It had been a while since I had even thought to try another eye cream after finishing another drugstore one a year or so back. At the time, being a broke college student, I just wasn't thinking of my skin, and wanted to find something cruelty free that fit my insanely tight budget. The caveat was, I couldn't find any eye creams which fit the description. Then Shea Moisture comes onto the skincare scene and I was hoping to be proven wrong through my discovery of their Superfruit Multivitamin Renewal Eye Cream.

Product Claims

According to Shea Moisture's description on their site of this eye cream, it's a hydrating formula that's supposed to diminish fine lines and is formulated to renew delicate skin in the undereye area. Key ingredients include their Superfruit Complex, which include antioxidants and vitamins, then grapefruit seed oil, and Lotus Seed Extract.


$14.99 for 0.5 oz, available solely on Shea Moisture's website, as far as I can tell. I purchased mine at Ulta, but this is no longer on the Ulta website, so I'm assuming only select stores may still have it in stock. 

Consistency & Scent

The consistency right before application is fairly chunky, not creamy, balmy or greasy at all, but it blends into the skin quite effortlessly and it absorbs fairly quickly. The product is white in color.
As far as scent goes, I opened the jar at first with trepidation because I initially thought a heavy cloyingly fruity scent would blast out of the container at me. Thankfully, the scent is nothing like that, and it actually smells nothing like fruit, but instead smells quite faintly of almond. 


I found that this was moderately and appropriately hydrating for my dry skin, but not to the point of feeling or looking greasy on the skin. I used this both in the morning and in the evening before I went to sleep, though I don't remember this retaining any bit of moisture throughout the night, as it's not a rich enough formula at any rate.

On any days I went sans-makeup and stuck to wearing this solo, my undereyes would look a bit more de-puffed, supple and well-rested. When I wore makeup, any concealer I applied layered well over the eye cream and didn't slide off, and stayed looking fresh, for the most part. I didn't notice any long term results to the overall texture of the skin of my undereye area after finishing the jar, nor did I really notice any diminishing of my dark circles at any point, unfortunately. Overall, I found that this product met my basic needs when I was using it, though I am unsure if I will repurchase, as the availability is apparently limited.

Overall Rating: 7.5/10

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