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     Welcome back! A quick question: Am I the only one who thinks that if Wet 'n' Wild were to decide to make their limited edition products they've released over the years to be brought back as offerings in their permanent collection, the sheer collection of Wet 'n' Wild products would then be gracing probably half of the cosmetics shelf space that drugstores have available? Every single limited edition palette, blush, lipstick, new formula that had been requested as a permanent addition? It would be overwhelming, in the best possible way, to say the least. 
     Since I and many other people I know are lovers of Wet 'n' Wild for its affordability, cruelty free standing and focus on quality all throughout, I decided to create a post dissecting my top all-time favorites, ranging from permanent items to limited edition items that have been released in recent years. Let's begin!

MegaGlo Highlighting Powder in 'Precious Petals'

These highly sought after MegaGlo Highlighting Powders were released in two shades as part of the Lost in the Wild Flowers Summer 2016 Collection. They sold out quickly, and so many people were begging Wet 'n' Wild to bring them back in stock, that as of now, the brand did bring them back (for a limited time, I'm presuming), and as of right now, they are available on their website to purchase here.

As far as shade selection goes for these highlighters, the one I have in 'Precious Petals' is a warm pink champagne, fantastic as a blush topper, which is what I use it for most. It is, admittedly, not ideal for my skintone to highlight the top point of the cheekbone, as the pink pigment in this product reads more pigmented on application than I would've expected, and just looks a bit stark on me when I'm not wearing bronzer as a companion. 

With other highlights, such as Becca Opal in the pressed and liquid versions, I can get away with wearing them as cheekbone highlights on any day, because even though the color is just a smidgen deeper than my skintone, it's without those pink tones that this powder has. Nonetheless, when I want a really intense highlight whenever I bronze up my skin, this is beautiful, and it's the first one I reach for. The embossment is absolutely darling, and the design in my compact still hasn't messed up yet, as I purposely avoid that portion with my brush whenever I use it. The formula is very soft to the touch, not powdery or chalky at all, and blends seamlessly, and lasts up to 7 hours on my skin before I notice it starting to fade. And at only $3.99, I highly recommend you checking these out! 

Mega Last Lipsticks in 'Cinnamon Spice' & 'Wine Room'

     Oh, these Mega Lasts. They've been in the game for a while now, and truth be known, these are the lipsticks I actually used to avoid at all costs. The first time I tried one of these, my lips felt as though they were about to fall off; they were befitting of prunes, I tell you! I am fairly certain the formula of these has been tweaked in some way or another in recent years, because now - I love them! They're a semi-matte finish, and are easily capable of lasting all day, more than what I can say about some MAC lipsticks, albeit these are a bit drying if no lip conditioning or prepping is done. A bullet of this lipstick is near impossible to finish, because the pigment is just that saturated! And you do get quite a lot of product. 

The product can drag on the lips a little if they haven't been used in a while, and can start to look a bit chalky and less-than-pleasant in the already difficult packaging, so that's why I recommend de-tubing these lipsticks into less haphazard packaging, which I've been too lazy to do with some of them. My two favorite shades are Cinnamon Spice (a warm garnet red that is perfection for autumn; I don't know about the white stuff on the side, I just bought it three months ago, and it doesn't smell off, but just to be safe, I don't put this on my lips in case it is mold and not just wax bloom: fyi, wax bloom on lipsticks is quite harmless, though the two look unsettlingly similar), and I have another tube of this shade that I use, I just use this one for swatching, so it's not a complete waste lol and Wine Room (a berry rose that uniquely meets the bridge between neutral and bright; this would look dashing on deeper skin tones!). 

Color Icon Blusher in 'Rose Champagne'

     In retrospect, this is a beautiful everyday neutral blush. This is one of a few blushes I know I can swipe on without even thinking much about it, no matter the type of makeup I'm wearing. It's not overly pigmented, the shimmer is refined and never overbearing, and I can always count on it to look good. One caveat: so, there appear to be two versions of this blush. I purchased my Rose Champagne when the reformulated Color Icon blushers first appeared on the scene, but now that I'm looking in my drugstores, they seem to have changed the color of this particular shade quite significantly. The one I have is a light neutral-toned dusty rose with some shimmer, but the one I'm seeing on the shelves now is a pale golden bronze, sans the rose tones. The new color certainly doesn't look like a color I would wear on my cheeks, but if you can find this batch anywhere, it is quite a beautiful shade. But nothing that can't be duped. I have a Milani one that is pretty much identical. 

If they decided to change the shade of this blush to a gold color, and if it's indeed a permanent change, then you have other options, darlings. :)

Coverall Cream Foundation in 'Fair/Light'

     Alright everyone, I behold, the $5 foundation that changed my college life LOL. Well, this is one I think I've been using since before I started this blog, and I had to have gone through two tubes since. It's just nice for when I know my day is going to be low-maintenance. Though the slight sweet scent can be a bit annoying, I've been using this stuff whenever I've had skin issues and with the help of concealer, and I've never had any issues with coverage!  It has a natural dewy finish and stays put for a moderate amount of time (about 6 hours) with powder, before it starts to break down slightly on my skin. It layers pretty well on spots and textured skin without looking cakey, and while it does tend to crease in certain areas, it blends fairly well. 

The formula is very thick and creamy, yet is very low maintenance and a breeze to apply when I'm half asleep in the morning and just want to slap some coverage on my face. If I have some problems with redness or sunburn, the coverage in this unfortunately isn't enough to cut that glass. I will probably continue to purchase this for at least a little while. This has never broken me out!

MegaGlo Multi-Stick Cream Highlighter in 'Marigold Round'

This cream highlighter was nearly passed on by me. I remember that strange inner monologue I may sometimes mutter aloud to assure myself that I don't need it. Don't need it. No matter how cute the packaging is. No matter how right the price is. No matter how much I think I'll use it. Can you see now why I failed this time around? LOL. 

Though the formula of this cream highlight does not set, it does provide a lasting natural glow in its own right when paired with something else (though it's not the most long-lasting when used alone, I might add), and it's a nice base for powder highlighting products applied above to set it. This is a beautiful pale silvery champagne, which is usually the color I go for in a highlight, as I find they suit my ghostly whale-belly skintone the best. The formula is creamy, not at all greasy, and the finish is a very natural, dewy glow, and no glitter particles whatsoever were detected! Major points for that alone! 

 'Sparkle Til Morning' Eyeshadow Palette

     I do love most of the palettes I have tried from Wet 'n' Wild, and I'm sorry for featuring yet another limited edition product, everyone. But featuring this palette is just something I couldn't ignore on my blog, as it's among my top favorites of the selection of eyeshadows I own from the brand, though most shades in this can be easily duped among other palettes the brand has to offer, which is all the more reason I decided to include it. This palette was one of three limited edtion palettes released in the Where's The Party? Color Icon Holiday 2012 Collection.

'Sparkle Til Morning' contains a melody of warm-toned neutrals and a beautiful aquatic turquoise pop embedded into the mix. I'm one to appreciate the slight variation of textures in this palette, and the finishes range from satin to frost to sparkle. So no mattes, unfortunately. However, I am quite a fan of warmer tones on the eyes on my wintery complexion, and these fortunately are prime examples of warm toned eyeshadows that don't make me look sickly. The only major dud in this palette for me was the left Browbone shade, a light gold that's pretty crumbly, hard pressed and quite sheer. All the rest are insanely smooth and creamy, and a dream to apply and blend. Hopefully they bring some of these palettes back soon in some configuration! 

Everyone let me know in the comments: What limited edition or old-gen. products from Wet 'n' Wild are you hoping will make a reappearance in the future? Also, what are your favorite products from the brand in general?

💋 xoxo-Cailee

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