REVIEW: EcoTools Retractable Kabuki Brush

     EcoTools brushes have never failed to impress me, and I can say that with absolute certainty. This Retractable Kabuki was my most recent discovery from the line. I don't know how this ever escaped a second glance from me all those times in stores, but alas, I passed right by it, never giving it a thought...
     Well, this baby has been in my possession now for almost a year, and I'm starting to think that the reason I didn't pick this up before (or even so much as do that double take) is simply because the word 'retractable' veered me away.

     I knew upon purchasing this that, due to the packaging, the brush wouldn't be nearly as fluffy as most short-handled round-top or even angled kabukis that are on the market from Make Up For Ever, The Body Shop, E.L.F., etc. And, to be honest, I was looking to try something new, something cheap and travel-friendly, as I was gearing up to leave for an Orlando vacation that next week. Then...the purchase just kind of happened. I was in Wal-Mart, the beautiful brushed rosy bronze case drew me in, it was less than 8 bucks, so it was more or less inevitable. Now, onto more info and my thoughts!

About The Brush

     This is not, in fact, a full-size kabuki, as it is marketed on most websites as being 'compact.' It provides the similar function for me as that of a standard-size large powder brush. I find that this brush works best to deposit product, and isn't really ideal for buffing and blending, because of the smaller size. In a pinch, though, it will do, and it gets the job done effectively.

     The bristles are of 100% synthetic taklon, and lend to a very full, very dense brush. The synthetic bristles pick up and deposit product effortlessly and it gives a beautifully smooth application to whatever powder I'm using. When it comes to softness, I would say it's in the middle of the road. It hasn't become scratchy in the slightest, but I can't say that I ever remember it being 'ooh-aahh soft,' by EcoTools standards. It's just comfortable to use, maybe even average in that respect. I've heard around that this works best with mineral makeup. Seeing as I never use mineral makeup, I can't attest to that claim, but I can say that it works beautifully with my Estee Lauder Lucidity Pressed Powder and Sephora MicroSmooth Baked Powder.

The brush is so incredibly dense, I get an even coverage, every time. I also find that when I use this brush to apply my powders and bronzers, I find that it never deposits too much product, so I really see a difference throughout the day, compared to when I use a different brush. When I use this, my makeup never gets that 'separated' or blotchy look mid-day, which is a tell-tale sign of a cake-face.


     Let's just be real here - the bronze retractable case is gorgeous. It is sleek, durable, and the brush itself is very lightweight. The case is made from recycled aluminum, and the metallic-finish handle is made from recyclable materials as well. The construction of this brush case is highly functional: the base metallic handle can be pulled up or pushed down; there is no swivel or twist mechanism to where bristles can get pinched or splayed. To me, that's about as good as it gets.
     Another quick praise to sing about the packaging: this has been tossed around a good bit in my travel bag, and only has one tiny dent in the handle. The outer packaging still looks brand new: no chips in the brand's lettering or anywhere else. It's also quite easy to clean.

     Overall, I've been able to get past the brush's smaller size. I don't usually aim for travel-size brushes, but I have found this useful for my daily routine, and can see myself repurchasing it in the future. My motto is: The bigger the brush, the better. Yeah, this woman has a lot of surface area to cover. Just stating the truth when I say that I come from a lineage of BIIIG honking foreheads. Traffic-stopping, I tell you. Seriously, they could show up on a radar, and I wouldn't be the least bit surprised. All you lovely people with foreheads and skulls of an average size: you think it's nothing to put a hat or beanie on your head?? It's a piece of cake, right? Well, for some people (ahem, me), it's a lifelong struggle. Albeit a very small struggle, compared to most, but I bet you don't know the feeling of trying to put on a hat, and then promptly having your skull feel like it's covered in tight spandex, and then, aww crap, you're losing circulation, and that's where those lovely little things called migraines come in. I think I have made my point? 😁
Oh, and if your mind was in the gutter while you were reading that......yeah.......I really don't know what to tell you.......


     For what I paid for it, this brush is very high quality and has held up for quite a while now (11 months, if we're being exact here). It's not quite  up there with my beloved E.L.F. Studio Kabuki Brush, though. However, I have no qualms with this lovely little kabuki. It hasn't shed once, it makes applying powder almost a breeze (just wish it were a little wider so that it could be more functional for buffing and blending out, although it definitely can, if you work with it in small areas). This has been my travel face brush of choice, and I've found that I touch up my makeup far less often when I use this.

Overall Rating: B+

Thanks for reading!

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