Sneak Peek: Maybelline Rebel Bloom Color Sensational Lipstick Collection for Spring 2015

     So, I have a bit of a confession to make: Whenever I hear so much as a whisper about a new Maybelline collection of lip products, it is one of the only  times where I am more likely to find myself driving out to multiple locations, searching high and low to hunt the suckers down. In the case of this new Maybelline Rebel Bloom Color Sensational Lipstick collection, I surprisingly found it at the first Walgreens I went to. The display was in the most inconvenient spot for a blogger, if I may say so myself: it was perched nowhere else but on the top shelf of one of the tall back aisles where they put out all the holiday sets, so since I'm a shorty, I couldn't pan my phone high enough to take a closer shot of the shade names that were on the display. My apologies, guys. 😃

There are a total of 10 different shades in the display, with 2 slots for each shade. The shade names are as follows:
  • 700 Barely Bloomed
  • 705 Blushing Bud
  • 710 Petal Pink
  • 715 Hibiscus Pop
  • 720 Power Peony
  • 725 Lilac Flush
  • 730 Orchid Ecstasy
  • 735 Rose Rush
  • 740 Coral Burst
  • 745 Peach Poppy
     Since it is the holidays, and my money needs to go elsewhere, only one  of these babies went home with me. Also, since they weren't having a BOGO deal on Maybelline products, that was all the more reason to not pick up any just yet. However, I have been in the market for an inexpensive lavender/lilac lipstick for a while now, so I went ahead and picked up Lilac Flush. (Review on that will be very soon!) I'm not in a frantic hurry to pick up any more of these at the moment, as I haven't heard anything about these being limited edition. But there are some beautiful corals and pinks in this collection that I will hopefully be getting my hands on sometime in the future!

Until then, happy Christmas-ing! God bless. 

💋 xoxo-Cailee

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