Let's Talk Friday 2017: Positive Vibes & Owning Up To Your Decisions

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Hi friends!
This is a bit of a different topic than what I usually discuss here. It's something that I really hope reaches someone and causes them to look at a situation they may be in with a different lens, so to speak! I posted this recently on my personal Facebook, and felt that it would be good to do one of these every once in a while on the blog, just to reflect and hopefully give whoever is reading a different, more positive mindset. 

     Positivity is the main focus from here on out. I guess it just pains me that I'm in a position where I have to focus so much time on myself rather than on other people, as I haven't been in a good position to even scrape by and support myself for the past year or so while going to school. I don't know, maybe I just think I don't have time for others, and it's just something of an excuse. But yes, we've all been there! I'm accountable and responsible for every decision I make. Everyone is. Sometimes I can be passive and abhorrently selfish. That just isn't me or who I am, though. You certainly won't hear me playing the victim, whining or being a drama queen or over-dramatizing about anything after reflecting. It's happened a few times in the past, when I wasn't privy to the bigger picture or scheme of things, and simply reacted on impulse. I'm only human, and a female, so...there's that. Everybody whines sometimes. But... later I usually find out, it's not that bad, and I have the say in what situation I put myself in. (If you think this post is over-dramatizing in any way, that's probably because you don't really reflect on much. You can either change that, or you can think however you want about it. I'm just a big thinker, so my thoughts tend to pour out.) 

     Reflecting is the way I cope. I just try to take a bit of time to quickly dissect what is really happening. It may sound a bit touche, but I do think everything happens for a reason, and it's true: Nobody said life was fair. We have to make our own ships sail to our destiny if we want anything to happen. (Was that phrase cringe-worthy enough?) If we do nothing, then what'll follow? Squat. Zilch. Nothing.

     Ultimately, respecting people along the way, trying to maintain professional standards to the best of our abilities (trying, though sometimes that may slide), are just a couple of components to make a point to do. Have you ever felt that you could've handled something a lot better, a lot more professionally, a lot more tactfully and respectfully, than you did? We've all been there. 

     My experience and encounters with negativity was brought on by realizing that I didn't have as much of a hold on my responsibilities as I used to (financial responsibilities, or lack thereof), and it was what really kind of got me in a mindset I didn't want to be in, knowing that as independent as I had always been, I simply could no longer support myself at the time. I was put in a situation where I had no choice but to grow up from quite an early age, so loss of that independent control over my life became quite difficult for me. My family is awesome, they just struggle a bit, like most families. 

    And most men can be quite stupid (don't think I'm stereotyping, because I along with other women can be stupid too! Or is 'daft' or being 'naivete' better terms, eh more politically correct?) and I just really don't want a man in my life 'to be stupid with' right now or hold things down, as it stands, and I don't mooch off my family. Loss of responsibility was one of my only fears, and it did come true. That is where I went wrong...being afraid. Fears are something you need to avoid having at all costs. People, fear nothing...please. This isn't psycho-babble b.s. I'm not into that at all. This is solid and real, and I'm just letting you know that shit can and will happen. That being said, you have the power to change it and take control over your own life. Don't let anyone be responsible for what happens to you. As soon as you find that you are in this kind of situation, it's completely up to you to get out of it...immediately. No matter if you find you have to leave on less-than-agreeable or amiable terms with someone, due to them not being able to see where you're coming from. Agree to disagree, try to be respectful, complain as little as you can, excuse yourself and leave. 

     And I know better than having those childish wont victim tendencies. The world owes me nothing, and I've known that for years. From looking at me, or not knowing me very well, some people may not know that, and may assume otherwise. That's perfectly alright! And well, likewise, I want absolutely nothing from the world, thank you very much. Everyone has their own prerogative, and reasons for what they do. Your employer, your colleagues, acquaintances, family, closest friends. That's on them, and always wish them the best. So, everyone and whoever this resonates with: If you're in a bind, just know that I'm there with ya! It's not the first time I've been in one, either. And guess what? It turned out okay for me before, and it's going to be alright this time. And heck yes, it will be okay for you!

     I do hope this reaches someone, and I also hope you have a wonderful day and do take action, because you have every right to have good things happen to you, and live up to your potential. The thing is, you have to work to make them happen. I came quite dangerously close to forgetting that. Here's my advice: Change just one thing about each day - do something different for even fifteen minutes out of each day, and you will see progress over time. Don't become stagnant. Try not to blame anybody for what happens to you, don't just look at something and say 'that's evil!' everywhere you go, because in the end, people you say that about are just looking out for themselves and their own personal gain, just like you are! You may be different from them, in that you look out for others as well, and aren't selfish (which is the way I want to be) but a lot of people aren't like that, or don't think they're in a position to be like that! Just move on from your past and make things better. You are loved, everyone! 


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