New Brush Sets + Tools From Real Techniques!

Real Techniques is certainly setting off a buzz this spring! They have made plenty of room in their line and have rolled out a hefty total of six new brush kits, and they have you completely covered! From base makeup, to eyes, to brows, to contouring and blushing, this brand is rocking it this year! I have been seeing these sets pop up in my local Ulta and Target, and managed to snap some phone pics of the sets! I am not being sponsored in any way, and neither Nic or Sam have a clue who I am. I'm just here to tell you about exciting new releases! So, here they are! 
Real Techniques Flawless Base Set, $19.99 (link)
So, I realized something: this brush kit offers three of the same exact brushes that are offered in their original Core Collection, which I have owned and loved for a while. The only difference I'm seeing among the two sets are the foundation brushes: the one in the Core Collection is the Flat Pointed Foundation Brush, and the one in this Flawless Base Set is the Square Foundation Brush, which looks more like a slim contour brush than anything.

If you own neither of these sets and are debating on which one to get, you have a choice, and it just depends on which foundation brush you want, I suppose, and whether you want to pay two dollars more and get a brush cup (offered in this Flawless Base Set), or two dollars less and get a brush stand/carrier (offered in the Core Collection Set). Apart from the Square Foundation Brush, the other brushes in this Flawless Base kit are the Contour Brush, Detailer Brush, and the Buffing Brush, which are also offered in the Core Collection.

Real Techniques Enhanced Eye Set, $19.99 (link)

The eye brushes in this lovely kit look to contain all new brushes to Real Techniques' line, except for one, and that is the Fine Liner Brush, which is included in this set, and is also offered in their Starter Set. Also, you get a brush cup with the Enhanced Eye Set, whereas you get a stand/carrier in the Starter Set. The other four brushes in this set, along with their website's descriptions of each brush:

 1. Medium Shadow Brush (wide and flat with tapered bristles to softly sweep & blend powder or cream shadows)
2. Essential Crease Brush (has a soft, tapered design for effortless shaping using powder or cream shadows)
3. Shading Brush (short and dense for max color pickup and even distribution)
4. Lash Separator (metal comb to help separate mascara clumps)

Real Techniques Brow Set, $19.99 (link)

This is one set that I may have to pick up next time I'm in Ulta. Included in this kit are five tools to shape your brows to perfection, complete with a carrying case. Here is what's included:

Brow Scissors, a set of Angled Brow Tweezers, Brow Brush, Spoolie, and a Brow Highlighting Brush.

Real Techniques Sculpting Set, $19.99 (link)

This set comes with three brushes and a brush cup. Two brushes in this set are sold individually, and one is brand new to the line and exclusive to the set. Here's what is included: 

1. Sculpting Brush (sold individually, and priced at $10)
2. Fan Brush (exclusive to the set)
3. Setting Brush (sold individually, and priced at $8) Hint: this brush is one of my personal favorites! It's the perfect size for setting the undereye area and illuminating high points of the face!

Real Techniques Ultimate Base Set, $19.99

For some reason, I couldn't find this set anywhere on the Real Techniques site, and it is apparently exclusive to Ulta stores and is in fact limited edition. It may have been out for a while, but it's certainly new to me! It includes:

1. Expert Face Brush (another one of my favorites, it's extremely multi-purpose!)
2. Miracle Complexion Sponge (this is an absolute staple in my collection of tools! Blends and smooths out my foundation flawlessly)
3. Deluxe Concealer Brush (exclusive to this set)

There are a couple of other new sets on the Real Techniques site that piqued my interest, but I could not find them in stores: the Prep & Prime Set (link) and the Prep + Color Lip Set (link).

Which of these sets do you think you'll be picking up? Do any of them strike your fancy? Let me know, and have a wonderful weekend! xoxo-Cailee

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