'What The Heck?' Product Regret: Pixi Lash Line Ink Review (Please Don't Waste Your $$)

Pixi Lash Line Ink Review and Swatches
     Hello all you beautiful people! Hope you're having a fantastic day so far!  I have been in the process of moving my storage to a new town this past couple of weeks, so that's the boring reason why I've been a bit lagging and dragging my feet a bit on the blog. So excited to be back, though!

    So, back to it: There's a series I think I want to begin on this blog, and the overall point of the posts in the series will be to discuss and review some of the various products that really didn't live up to my expectations, and that I pretty much regret ever wasting my hard-earned bacon on. To be blunt, this series will focus on the product purchases that I feel quite strongly about. 😄 May I present to you the first product in this 'What The Heck?' series, the Pixi Lash Line Ink in 'Black Silk.' 

     Unfortunately, I wouldn't recommend this $14 eyeliner to anyone, as the pigment is so extremely poor, the application is watery and streaky from the get-go, and it fades so incredibly quickly. even upon first use of the product. Eyeliner is a product that can't really be tested before purchasing, and I took the plunge on this one. I accidentally mixed this up with another eyeliner that was receiving extremely positive reviews at the time, and that brand started with a 'P' as well, so I jumped to this one, but...completely wrong one. Also, I must say, the cute, kitschy mint green packaging, uniform to Pixi's line, is that extra factor that lured me in to make the purchase.

     Alright dolls, below you will see a couple pictures that show just how grey  this liner looks when applied. (These were taken after two hours of wear, but it doesn't look much darker than this when I first applied it).

Pixi Lash Line Ink Review and Swatches
And, now for a quick swatch!
Pixi Lash Line Ink Review and Swatches
Overall, the disappointment I felt with this liner was just too much to ignore. I've owned it and worn it for a while since purchasing it (it's actually the only black liquid liner I own at the moment), and just as I remember the liquid liners I've tried in the past, this one is a certified no-go, especially when compared to most drugstore liners. For the prices, yes, I do consider Pixi to be a moderately mid-range brand; far from drugstore, yet also quite far from high end. I find that it doesn't build on itself or layer very well, and the damn stuff always flakes right off almost immediately. 

Just to note, I own and love (and have repurchased!) some of Pixi's skincare items, but their makeup and color items just never seem to work for me, sadly.


The wear time on this is nonexistent. It fades to almost nothing a short time after application (and God forbid you have the slightest of oily eyelids or spend any time outdoors, no matter what the season; I have moderately dry eyelids, and this stuff broke down on my skin and disappeared within 2 hours, hot or cold weather! Ehhh). No primer or base I've tried has helped with or enhanced the lasting power.


$14, Target stores


It's quite a murky, watery brown-black when first applied, and turns into a dull grey within minutes. I'm not sure how the mark was missed with the shade or pigmentation.


It goes on slightly less streaky and with slightly less hassle if the packaging is shaken vigorously and with force, but the performance and lasting power isn't enhanced in any way. It doesn't layer very well at all when applied, as it just picks up product underneath and leaves bald spots if I even try to layer. The felt-tip applicator is precise and very nicely shaped, and would make for a precise, perfect liner application if the formula was right, but alas....


The packaging is very sturdy, and my product has never leaked, even when traveling with it. With that said, the packaging is the one redeeming factor. Again, if only the formula was right.....

Overall Product Rating: 3/10

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