A Review: NYX Powder Blush in 'Peach'

Review: NYX Powder Blush in 'Peach'
     Hello lovelies!  I had initially planned to post one, roundup compilation review of the shades of NYX powder blushes I currently own, however this one is special enough that I feel it deserves its own post. Of all the blushes I own from different companies and price points, there are only two  blushes that I can say with certainty are the most loved and most used in my collection. Ladies and gents, NYX Peach is one of those blushes.
     For whatever reason this is called peach, is a mystery to me. It is definitely a matte soft pale pink that leans slightly warm. 
Review: NYX Powder Blush in 'Peach'
NYX Powder Blush in Peach, in pan and swatched, natural lighting


This line of powder blushes from NYX is not  to be confused with their new line of High Definition Powder Blushes. This particular blush in 'Peach' is part of their original, older line of blushes (the ones with the raised geometric/quilted pattern on the product's surface), and retails for $5 at nyxcosmetics.com and Target. These used to be available at ULTA and on the ULTA website, but apparently, they have phased these blushes out to make room for new products. Honestly, I haven't the slightest clue as to whether or not NYX themselves are thinking of going that same route and discontinuing these in the near future. Nope, I would rather think positive thoughts.....


Matte blush textures tend to be on the drier side, and 'Peach' is no exception, yet it still manages to maintain that smooth quality upon application. It doesn't apply patchily in the slightest, nor does it look chalky on the skin, which can be a trade-off when working with light shades. This blush lends to a very natural looking flush on light skintones. Any gals darker than NC35: this shade very well may look ashy on you.

The pigmentation is sheer, but can be built up, and it builds quite nicely upon itself. I find it nearly impossible to overdo it with this blush, as it blends into the skin nicely and doesn't look like it's just sitting on top. It's also worth mentioning that the formula on this particular shade kicks up little to no powder when transferred from pan to brush, contrary to other shades in the line.


In my personal experience, the lasting power of a blush depends mostly on what setting powder I use. For the most part, this lasts about six hours before starting to fade. I'm sure the longevity would be extended if I didn't opt for a dewier lightweight foundation and just a light dusting of powder on a day-to-day basis, and instead went with a fuller coverage matte face.


The plastic packaging is meh  and sub-standard; not bulky, but not necessarily compact either. I've had my blush for a couple years now, and the hinge on the lid hasn't broken off yet. So, it serves its purpose in that respect, I suppose. :)

Overall, of course I give this baby a two thumbs up! It is definitely something I would recommend, as NYX products have always been frugal-girl friendly, while still retaining a nice quality for the price.

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