Glossy Summer Lip Combo: Iridescent Watermelon!

'Tis a beautiful day, and you all know why! 😊 Happy Mother's Day! 
Today's blog post will be featuring a bright (yet sheer!) summer lip combo that I've been wearing quite a lot of lately! It's an interesting combo of a punchy creamy watermelon with a flash of peach and violet iridescence! Revlon Lip Butters....oh, how I miss ye.
How this lip pairs with the rest of my face makeup!
For my eyes, I thought a simple light wash of copper on the lids and some mascara would do, followed by a coral blusher and some highlight (both of which you, of course, can't even see in the pics - ahh well 😃).

A closer look at the color on my lips
Revlon Lip Butter in 'Wild Watermelon,' Wet 'n' Wild Prismatic Lip Gloss in 'Loco-Potion'


This combo really is nothing short of perfection for the summer months. A comfortable, glossy watermelon-red, and the prismatic gloss really gives the color something unexpected - you go from low-light to direct sunlight and suddenly BAM! The refined peachy violet prismatic sparkle catches the light beautifully. Although I don't much care for the applicator of the Wet 'n' Wild gloss, as it disperses so little product at a time (and the paddle shaped wand is a bit scratchy and can sometimes interfere with the creamy lip product beneath), I just swatch the gloss on my hand and take a clean finger and pat it onto my lips that way. A bit cumbersome, yes, but I don't have a gloss quite like this, and it gives a beautiful effect, so voila! I can make a lot of products work in application - it's all about trial and error!

💋 xoxo-Cailee

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