WTH?? New Wet 'n' Wild Unicorn Collection! | My Thoughts + What I Might Purchase

     Hello hello there! So, everyone forgive me, but I'm having a bit of a conundrum here with this unicorn makeup trend that the beauty industry has been buzzing about, (as they're inevitably gaining a ton of profit from it, it seems!) I know I just need to accept the fact that I am a 25-year old grown-@ss woman working in corporate professional settings, and I don't really have many nights out on the town that would render wearing pastel rainbow hues to be, um, appropriate? I don't know, other than attending conferences, the occasional museum outing with work colleagues, and spending so much of my time trying to get my violin to like me enough to stop its damn scratching sound while I practice it at home or in the studio at my school, and talking to my actual human friends long distance on Skype (we live hundreds of miles apart) - I just don't have much going on right now to do anything remotely close to party makeup.

With that said, I realize that I no longer have any practical business going through with purchasing wacky-hued, eye-catching colorful makeup products, because I hardly ever have occasion to wear them in an appropriate setting!  Hell, I really don't even wear much shimmer to the office; I keep it safe with all matte neutrals, to keep it real. And to think, less than two months ago, I was about to give my hair a drastic makeover, and dye it a periwinkle and lavender ombre! The thought of doing it now is just laughable. 😄

Lovelies, while this post will be sans any promo pics of the new Wet 'n' Wild Unicorn Collection for obvious copyright reasons, I will instead leave you a link to an article from Bustle (link) that reveals each individual product in this Wet 'n' Wild collection, as well as the collection release dates (which I will include in this post anyway), and all the information you need to know (sans the prices), if you're interested! 

So, When Will it Become Available?

    According to this Instagram post from Wet 'n' Wild, there looks to be a total of 8 gorgeous pastel-hued makeup pieces and 1 makeup brush piece in this collection, releasing first to attendees of the New York City BeautyCon on May 20th. 
Then ulta.com will launch the collection, and it will be available on May 21st. 
Subsequently, on May 22nd, it will be available on wetnwildbeauty.com. I'm sure that if they decide to send stock of this collection to select store locations, it will probably sell out very quicky, but as of yet, I haven't heard of a release date for any physical locations. Fingers crossed that there will be!

Products I Might Get from the Collection!

    Of all the beautiful highlighters, and the pale iridescent Mega Last lipsticks housed in packaging identical to their original Mega Lasts (but these have white packaging, rather than the standard black packaging the other ones have), and candy-colored shimmery loose eyeshadow pigments, and their unicorn brush, I'm thinking of holding back and only getting 2 items from this collection, for practical reasons. Those items that peaked my interest are the beautiful pink and tangerine-toned Color Icon Rainbow Highlighter in 'Everlasting Glow,' as well as the Unicorn Highlighting Brush. I mean, really now, how could one pass up on that brush? The brush handle on this one from Wet 'n' Wild is very reminiscent of the other unicorn-horn brushes we're seeing in the mainstream and indie market right now, such as the ones from Tarte. I know I love the general quality of the brush line from Wet 'n' Wild, so probably won't pass this one up, unless, of course, Wet 'n' Wild decides to hike up the price because of the design, and sells it for 7 freaking dollars or something crazy like that. 

With that said, I think I'll pass on everything else in this collection. I've tried one of Wet 'n' Wild's Loose Eyeshadow Pigments before, and to be honest, the ones in this collection look like something that NYX would have in their permanent line, and just don't look like anything special. However, if they're duochrome? I will be all over that shizz! I have absolutely no reservations when it comes to duochrome colors. 😍

I simply enjoy NYX pigments much more than the Wet 'n' Wild pigment I tried, so if there isn't a dual shift in there for this collection, I probably won't get 'em. The Wet 'n' Wild pigments could use just a bit of work with their formula, though, and the lone pigment I have from them is a coppery neutral (the name of the pigment is 'Dom & Cherry on Top') that yields a pretty thin formula, and the binders are just a bit off to me. I found that it didn't adhere to skin very well, and while moderately pigmented, this bronzed copper shade ends up giving more of a wash of a sheer color with a more muted shimmer than anything (much like a pressed shadow would) and it doesn't give much of an impact, even when used with a damp brush. Its swatch tells a completely different story, though, so I'm disappointed that the moderately nice shine and pigmentation of the color swatched on my hand didn't match the finish or color intensity I got during actual application (and I've tried many methods: no primer, different primers, using different brushes, using my fingers, but no dice - oh how I wish my eye skin was the same texture as the skin on my hand! Mmkay, a weird wish, but I digress).

Let's open up a discussion here! Are you thinking of picking up anything from this collection? Or will you pass on it? Let me know, and I hope the sun is shining bright and beautiful where you are! 😎

💋 xoxo-Cailee

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