'Tis the Season Already? My Favorite Albums for the Holidays!

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Hello! Wow, the merry, cozy month of December is approaching ever closer on the horizon, isn't it? It honestly feels like only two days ago that I uploaded my last blog post. Yet, a week has gone by, and we're now approaching the week of Thanksgiving?!? Bring it on! I've begun my yearly magical foray into the joys of those beautiful, classic holiday befitting tunes, and not all of the albums are solely Christmas albums, just the ones that bring joy to my heart year-round, and uplifts the spirit and just brings comfort to those around me who listen.

1. Pentatonix - A Pentatonix Christmas
I honestly didn't care for this group at first, as I'm more into instrumentals than voices in the music I listen to. However, on a certain occasion, these tunes really get me in the holiday spirit, and can hold their own as far as covers go.
2. Bing Crosby - White Christmas
A classic in and of itself. Makes me think of just how wholesome Christmas was, and old Hollywood. Soothing, calm, made seemingly effortless by Mr. Crosby himself. The crooning voice of Christmas's past.
3. Trans Siberian Orchestra - Christmas Eve & Other Stories
I still haven't gotten the chance to see them live yet! One year I had the option to either go to a Trans Siberian Orchestra concert, or go to a comedy show, and they happened to fall on the same night. I was taking a family member out for her birthday, and we ultimately decided on the comedy show in the end. Ah, maybe this year. My favorites from this album are the infamous Christmas Eve / Sarajevo 12/24 and A Mad Russian's Christmas. Also, check out Wizards in Winter from their album The Lost Christmas Eve. It's a fairly heavily played holiday track on the radio, but thought I'd give it a mention nonetheless. :) Though I must say, their debut album was their best, in my humble opinion.
4. Alicia Keys - Songs In A Minor
A beautiful neo-soul album that I will forever cherish. When is she going to ever do a classical piano album? Beautiful use of arpeggios. Couldn't be any more raw, more perfect. Every song is a separate story on the album. I feel the same with The Diary of Alicia Keys, but this debut album is just more soulful to me, and I blast this year round, but I especially love listening to it in the fall and winter, for some reason. Personal favorites: Butterflyz and Rock Wit U
5. Anastasia Soundtrack
So many memories. I have this in my iTunes library, and play it nonstop during the holidays.
6. How the Grinch Stole Christmas Soundtrack
This album has a lot of filler tracks and outros, but there are some millennial classics on this treasured piece, from the likes of Faith Hill and NSYNC to Trans Siberian Orchestra and Barenaked Ladies.
7. Nat King Cole - The Christmas Song
Nat, he is the classic, crisp voice everyone knows. Instantly soothes and envelops the mind in memories of merriment and joy.

What are your plans this Christmas? I'm looking forward to sitting in hours of traffic! It will all be worth it! Also tell me your favorite holiday songs or albums! Have a blessed day, everyone!


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