Goodbye, Old Makeup! The Declutter of 2015

Hello ladies and germs! 😄 Well, this post was brought to fruition much sooner than I had originally anticipated. After scrubbing my insufferable catastrophe of an apartment from top to bottom yesterday (so happy to be moving soon), I figured it would be the perfect time to also throw some things away that had started to become a thorn in my side. It's not an epic amount of makeup or anything, but it's enough for me to be quite embarrassed at the thought that I actually ended up wasting hard-earned $$$ on these things. So now, I bring you an all-encompassing post of......my trash!

These are surprisingly the only eye products I decluttered. This older NYX Eyeshadow Trio, which really does have surprisingly buttery mattes, is just a palette that I never reached for. The other two products are cream eyeshadow bases: A Maybelline Color Tattoo and a Jordana shadow pencil. They have dried out in such a short time, that keeping them and trying to revive them is beyond reason at this point. This was my second stick of the Jordana shadow pencil, and I don't remember leaving the cap off, so I'm not sure why this one dried out within a matter of a few months.

NYX Mega Shine Glosses - Wow, I didn't realize until yesterday how old these are: I've had these suckers for 3 years??? Eeek. Good thing I haven't used any of them in a while. The only gloss in this line I kept in my collection is in the color 'Beige.' (shades from the top:  Sponge Cake, Smokey Look, Beautiful, Natural)

And now, a set of embarrassingly old lip gloss tubes... well, at least they're not Lancome Juicy Tubes, which are big $$$. The Philosophy Lip Shines actually got quite a bit of love when I first bought them, but it wasn't long after that I realized I could no longer stand sticky lip gloss. The smell surprisingly hasn't gone "off" on any of them, nor has it with the Sephora gloss. Nonetheless, they have to go.

Rimmel Kate Moss Lasting Finish Lipsticks in '113' and '09'. Both the Rimmel Kate Moss matte formula and the original formula are among my favorites from the drugstore. These are still somewhat new, it's simply that the shades (a pale nude that pulls quite grey on me, and a bright cool toned red that, for some reason, I can't keep from feathering and turning into a hot mess outside of my lip line after the first 10 minutes of wear), just don't work for me, sadly.

Call me crazy, but Hourglass hasn't really struck my fancy as of yet. These are both deluxe mini sizes of their Extreme High Shine Lip Gloss in 'Child' and their Mineral Veil Primer. I used up about two-thirds of the primer, and realized that, lo and behold, I wasn't seeing much of a difference in my makeup with or without it. Maybe I wasn't applying enough? Maybe it's my skin type? Who knows? Who cares? 😎

The Hourglass lip gloss is just a very sheer light peachy nude, and in my humble opinion, neither the shade or the formula are really anything to write home about. Also, for some reason, I couldn't wear it because of the smell! It has a slightly chemical scent that I noticed when I first got it in a Sephora Give Me Lip set. I actually would have worn it and used it up, had it not been for the putrid scent. Eh, no bueno.

Lip products galore here! Phew. My reasons for purging these vary. The L'Oreal Caresse was a patchy hot mess that I couldn't even apply in layers (which you are supposed to be able to do with these types of lip products, so I'm not sure where they went wrong with these as far as formula is concerned). The NYX Xtreme Lip Cream and the NYX Round Lipsticks are biting the dust simply because the scents are now even more 'off' than they were before (soap and burning rubber, anyone? That's what you're getting from the get-go with these 😖). The e.l.f. Moisturizing Lipstick in 'Cheeky' was binned just because the frost in the shade didn't work for me, as I ordered it sight unseen from their website and didn't know I was getting a lipstick of that finish. Oh, and it's orange too. Not a very flattering look.

What have you decluttered recently? Leave a link if you've made a post or YouTube video on it! Have a lovely day, everyone! God bless!


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