Review & Swatches: Wet 'n' Wild Fergie Collection Velvet Matte Lip Color

     It has come to my attention that 2015 is the 'Year of the Matte Lip' and now Wet 'n' Wild, the leading player in drugstore beauty brands at the moment, has launched a new product in their Fergie line, which they call their Velvet Matte Lip Colors. There are a total of 9 shades in this collection, and this product is a permanent addition to the line, retailing for $3.49 for .11 oz. of product. Some may think that's a bit overpriced for Wet 'n' Wild, and I would have to agree in some respects.

     We're not beating around the bush here:  Wet 'n' Wild's regular line of lip products is where it's at, in terms of formula/color selection, but the lip products in their Fergie collection? Eh, not really what I would call strong points of the brand or anything to write home about in the first place, and these are no exception when it comes to missing the mark of being Fergalicious.....keep reading if you would like to find out why!

The two shades I picked up were 'Plumgenue,' a mid-toned (you guessed it! :D) plum shade, which I found to have the more problematic formula of the two, and I also picked up 'The Stand Out,' which is an opaque pale lavender with a white base.


      I always like to start things off on a positive note, so will first mention what I actually do like about these lippies. For one thing, the finish is quite beautiful; they set to a nice powdery matte finish that isn't drying on the lips, but I wouldn't call the finish velvety  by any means (as the name of the product would imply). Normally, I would go for a satin-matte finish, as it gives a little bit more dimension and doesn't look as flat. These definitely look  flat on the lips, but when doctored with a lip liner, I can work it out.
     Other Pros: Convenient retractable jumbo pencil format (no sharpening, and if possible, would be ideal for on-the-go gals), comfortable-to-wear formula with a little 'slip' to it, and the pencil itself is quite a bit slimmer than other jumbo retractable lip products on the market, which is nice for those like myself, who have smaller lips. 


     All in all, the cons actually offset and  outweigh the pros. The finish may be nice, but it doesn't help that in a matter of minutes, the color sinks into every line and crevice of my lips. No bueno. 
     The texture on Plumgenue is very thin, which lends to a streaky application on its part. I couldn't build this one up to full opacity because every pass I made would leave bald spots on the layer of product underneath. 
wearing Plumgenue

     The texture on The Stand Out is thin as well, but this one had a much smoother application and applied evenly, with full-opacity in just two passes. I couldn't, however, get past the chalkiness of this shade and how heavy  it felt on the lips, both upon application and in the duration of wear. I wore 'The Stand Out' shade in my previous post, so you can see that color in action here.

Also....wait, get ready for it......you probably know what's coming....

     Now, ladies and gentlemen,  I bring attention to the most hilariously consistent problem that everybody and their mother is having with these. Never mind about these being good products for 'toting-around' in your bag. I didn't carry them in mine, or even drop them, and if I did I would have chalked this hot mess of a mistake up to being something like a Humpty-Dumpty-had-a-great-fall  scenario. But in all seriousness, the packaging....yikes. That's all I have to say on the matter.

     On average, I got about an hour of wear with these, without feeling the need to reapply. Definitely not that great, especially considering the nature of matte lip products. These will slide right off during meals, they transfer like mad and leave that annoying ring around the lips when drinking coffee or tea.

     Overall, I was left disappointed with these, and can't say that I would recommend them to anyone looking for a decent matte lip product from the drugstore. I was yearning for some shades that my beloved Revlon Color Burst Matte Balms just didn't have in their lineup. Sadly, the quality of these just isn't there, and is certainly in no way comparable to Revlon, if I may say so myself. Just....no competition. The Revlon rings up anywhere between $6-$8, so even though these Wet 'n Wild pencils are a bit more affordable (and you are getting a smidge more product for your money), I encourage you to check out my review on the Revlon Color Burst Matte Balms, which you can see here. Just so you can make some comparisons between the two products, and hopefully it will be helpful to you if, by chance, you're trying to make a decision on which one to go with.

Thanks for reading, loves! Hope this review helped someone. Have a blessed day. 

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