My Beauty New Year's Resolutions

      I have to say it: 2014 zapped by like an angry fly. It was the year I decided to join in on the fun & fast-paced world of beauty blogging, and let me just say: just because I realize that it's fast paced, does not in any way mean that this girl has been able to keep up. Far from it, actually. Hey, I could even put that on my list of resolutions!
     There are a decent number of goals I would like to achieve in this new year. Let's just be real here, I probably won't adhere to half of them. 😁 I will say, though, that I'm the type of person who doesn't really like to wait until a certain time to start, as I've learned over the years to begin the process of achievement in baby steps as soon as God decides to plant that idea in my mind.

     That being said, I decided to make a list of realistic and attainable beauty resolutions for myself for this year and on.

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