Revlon Color Burst Matte Balms: Review and Swatches!

Revlon Color Burst Matte Balms Review and Swatches

Hello my fellow makeup fanatics! I have a review for you lovelies today! Yes, they're the bold, they're the dangerous (and they're definitely not for the faint of heart) Revlon ColorBurst Matte Balms; and they are the products being put under a microscope today (cues in evil cartoon movie villain laughter).

I've had these puppies a while, and I just want to preface by saying that I wasn't a huge fan of the original Color Burst Balm Stain crayons. It was mainly because the formula of those made my lips peel and dehydrated them to the extremes. Not to mention, I wasn't a big fan of the color range. The Matte Balms are a much different story - first off, they're a completely different format despite the nearly identical packaging. The texture and feel of these is very smooth, and the color payoff is outstanding: very opaque and beautiful vibrant shades in this line. Most matte lip products tend to be opaque anyway, however these have a bit more slip to them and are more movable on the lips than, say, a matte lip product in a traditional lipstick bullet form.

These are more of a satin-matte full coverage finish, and they do not appear to be a flat, dry, powdery-looking matte whatsoever. 😃
And now, on to the hand swatches! 
L-R: Elusive, Showy, Standout

The review and lip swatches will follow! Continue reading!
 While these Color Burst Matte Balms are non-drying, I will say that I don't really notice any moisturizing properties with these, even though they are marketed to be a balm/treatment type of product. (Eh, I honestly don't think that's what many people would run out and purchase these for anyway).

They are very much 'ready to wear' matte shades, meaning that these shades are rich as butter, and provide a whole lotta depth, and the chubby crayon format has a pointed tip when you first purchase the product, which easily defines and doubles as a lip liner. (Yayy for its user friendliness! Well, it is at least for a while.)

With that said, rating for convenience I would rate a B+, which is indeed a high rating for a matte lip product. The only thing that I find inconvenient is this: as the tip of the product wears down, there is no built-in sharpener (which I personally really like having as a bonus in my pencil products, even though built-in sharpeners tend to waste more product than a traditional sharpener would).

So there is really no way to sharpen these, and with continued use, the product can really flatten down, and you'll no longer have the convenience of precision. You may find yourself eventually having to use a separate lip liner to pair with these. That's one more item in your makeup bag, if you're notorious for doing your makeup on the go. Just a heads up to you ladies! 👍

I am quite happy to report that not a single one of the three shades I own leave behind that annoying stain on the lips. The lasting power is outstanding, I must say: these last about 5 hours with minimal touch-ups, and they do fade quite gracefully. That's especially nice, considering the fact that these are not a dry formula. However, you are getting a trade-off with these because of the simple fact that these are more comfortable mattes to wear. They do have more slip to them than, say, a MAC matte lipstick, so they will transfer easier, while drier mattes tend to cling to the lips and have much less tendency to transfer.

(Lip swatches in action!)
Revlon Color Burst Matte Balm in 'Showy'
A vibrant cool medium pink with blue undertones

Revlon Color Burst Matte Balm in 'Standout'
The name 'Standout' itself doesn't lie, honey. A bright blue-based red

Revlon Color Burst Matte Balm in 'Elusive'
A midtoned warm yellow-pink (very reminiscent of MAC's Chatterbox)

None of the three shades I own are inconsistent in texture, formula, opacity, and how they apply; they all are quite similar in those qualities. None of them apply patchily, and I actually didn't experience any problems with these bleeding outside the lip line. Like I mentioned above, no lip liner was needed.

Something I also feel important to mention is that if you don't keep up with your own 'pout maintenance' on the regular (exfoliating, moisturizing, the works) and your lips look a tad bit crusty (like mine can tend to look) these Matte Balms, like almost any other matte lip product, can and will accentuate that. So ladies, make sure your lips are in tip-top condition! 

The amount of product you get with these is .09 oz, which is generally .02-.05 oz less than you would get with a traditional lipstick. Some think these are rather expensive for drugstore, considering the amount of product you get (I purchased mine at Target for $6.99 USD, which I find reasonable, but at other drugstores such as the likes of CVS and Walgreens, be expecting to see these closer towards the $10 mark, which I would agree is way overpriced).

Another interesting little tidbit about these is that, according to Revlon's website, these Matte Balms are formulated with something they call a Triple Butter Complex, which is an infusion of the butters Shea, mango, and coconut. I didn't know that prior to yesterday when doing my lil' bit of extended research, and I've had these a while. 😄😛

Overall Thoughts:

  I would definitely consider purchasing more as soon as they come out with some new shades! With their current offering of shades, while the colors are beautiful, I also feel they are a bit garish for this pale Irish gal. Too much orange and coral going on with their shade roundup at the moment. I would love to see some more vampy shades, as well as some pastels (would go absolutely gaga over a new lavender), nudes, and maybe some more variations of red. Revlon has the vibrant neon-esque summer palette for these down pat, now they just need to mellow it up and round out the permanent collection with an introduction of some spicier tones, and overall just a different flavor to the line.

Product Rating: 8/10

💋 xoxo-Cailee

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